Monday, September 08, 2014

Ted Cruz (R-TX) Campaigns in New Hampshire for 2nd Congressional District Candidate, Melinda Garcia Tuesday Primary Results May Show Cruz Direction

Senator Ted Cruz was up in New Hampshire this past weekend, campaigning hard for Hispanic 2nd congressional district hopeful Melinda Garcia, a NH State representative from Salem. (WMUR). There are two things to take away from this particular primary: 1. That Cruz believes that Garcia stands a better than snowballs chance at the ballot box, thus upping his value on the campaign trail through November, and going into 2016 and 2. That the NH Republican field in the 2nd District is diverse and plays against the angry old white man theme that is consistent in the DNC. What we may have is one slightly angry middle aged white man, one 30 something angry African-American or one 30 something angry Hispanic come Tuesday evening. (WMUR)

Otherwise it appears to be business as usual slightly north of Massachusetts and much more interesting to who political junkies hoping to see where the first state of the nation trending.

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