Saturday, September 16, 2006

Notes from the week,

Recently I purchased a book, The Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren. Understanding that in order to grow more in faith, a visit to church was in order, I made plans to attend this weekend. This is something I had been avoiding for quite some time due to the fact that I was raised Catholic and, not unlike many Catholics, had found much lacking in the church structure as of late. That said, it is time to forgive any grievances with the men who run the church, and get back to the basics of worship and service to that higher authority, God.

Immediately following this most personal decision, Pope Benedict, speaking in Germany, made statements regarding Islam, which are undeniably relevant. These quotes were taken from a medieval ruler who identified the institution of Mohammad's creed's as evil and inhuman. Apparently someone living in the 15th or 16th century understood that beheading Christian's and Jews, murdering women and children, and enslaving one's own populace, was a less than peaceful religion. As a result of this pope's speech, Muslim religious leaders are in an uproar and demanding apologies

Understanding what happens within this community when a cartoon is found offensive, (murder, mayhem, rioting, burning in effigys), who knows what will take place even if the Pontiff bows to political pressure and apologizes for reading an historical text.

If one studies the Malachy prophecy's (a 12th century Irish Bishop), it is clear to some that Benedict may very well be that last pope.

Those that adhere to an "end of time", revelation's based Christianity are certain that we are now living in those days.

What can be considered factual is that Muslim leaders can call for the deaths of innocents from pulpits far and near; the followers of these leaders commit suicide and murder of innocents in order to gain entry to heaven and the areas where this religion is practiced as jihad, are undeniably medieval in nature. The pope, therefore, was speaking not only about practices centuries before, but practices in the name of religion today.

This pope understands, and his understanding has aided the return to the church of this lapsed Catholic.

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