Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Divide:

In the past week I've been sparing (if one can call it that) with a "writer" from New York via email. The young man (and I am assuming gender as there is no signature) constantly upbraids a lack of understanding, wits and or common sense on my part. He refers to the blog as "talking points", insinuating that perhaps there is little research and much rhetoric. There is an undertone of anger and yes, insults in his retorts due to treason and New York Times being used in the same sentence. What amazes is that the actual structure of the retorts is solid; yet one detects immediately the panic, bravado and overall senses of righteousness in the content.

One cannot argue and by pointing to one wrong (New York Times treason) with
"George Bush was wrong about WMD's". The exact quote was. "They started it."!

Therefore, I've come to the conclusion that fallacious arguments, peppered with insults and avoiding a direct response is the preferred method of debate taught at centers for higher learning. Never directly answer a question with a response, attack with all one has and point to the other guy as wrong first!

What is, perhaps, the most startling is the individual’s refusal to debate with civility coupled with the return, time and again, to the same point; the same wrong point. If the masses are, after all, told day in and day out a fact is a fact even if the fact is fiction; it must be true. They (masses) do not have the capability to remember, nor are they equipped to understand complicated issues such as policy, treason, etc.

When that tactic fails, they rush to the "pity factor", "If anything happened to the New York Times, all those employees would be out on the street and hungry".
(Not an exact quote but equally ridiculous). The facts are that the New York Times as been, like the LA Times, experiencing layoffs, subscriptions are dropping, advertisers are going elsewhere and, as they have a website that is often cited; they cannot blame the internet. So, it must be something else.

Perhaps the socialist party will one day understand that the masses in America are a bit more understanding of the "message" and are responding as any true capitalist would: they shop elsewhere.

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