Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And The Beat Goes On..

Last Week, the New York Times, in its infinite wisdom, decided it best to reveal that the United States had a perfectly legal, covert operation in place designed to ferret out financial transactions linked to terrorists outside of the United States. This was done in conjunction with allies overseas and financial institutions outside of the United States. It was an extremely effective program; until Bill Keller and the New York Times took the lead, ignored pleas from the administration and ran the story "in the national interest".

Espionage, Treason.

Both of these words now apply to the individuals at the New York Times who were responsible for printing this "newsworthy" piece.

The President has issued a formal statement of disgust, and several congressmen, including Jack Murtha have expressed outrage over the irresponsible New York Times.

Expressing Outrage is no longer an option; if there were ever a call for action, this is the time.

Apparently, the United States is not only fighting a war on terror overseas and in some instances within our borders, it has to contend with the enemy within, the committed socialist/progressive editors that consistently undermine the United States and play it all out under the first amendment.

freedom of the Press does not mean absolute protection for any institution as so broadly interpreted by those of that profession, rather the original intent was to allow freedom of the people to publish; while continuing to maintain standards of law. One can read the constitution until they are blue in the face; and no-where does it allow total unfettered freedom of any press; in fact, delve a bit deeper into the "Federalist Papers", authored by Hamilton, Madison and Jay (for those not familiar with the aforementioned document, these were the gentlemen directly responsible for the initial arguments and framing of said document that is so often touted as a safety net for the treasonous. Although slow reading, and a bit arcane, it is every bit as valid as the constitution itself, and in their arguments, this "freedom of the press" although indeed important, was not a holy right to print whatever one desired without consequence. Additionally, the right to keep private the names of informants is clearly not addressed. Therefore, one could argue, that the individual who is feeding classified information to the press is also branded "traitor".

Although with little doubt, nothing shall be done, as the old "slippery slope" will be brought into play and the Times will once again escape unscathed. Not much is being made of this incident locally, (CBS/NBC/ABC), one must go to the internet and alternative media to even know what has taken place and/or understand the level of outrage against the New York Times once an individual understands the full extent of what this institution has done to our country.

What do ordinary American's who are sick and tired of betrayal to do? Cancel a subscription? This is a doubtful plan, as although it does imply an individual protest, and the numbers have dwindled for the once great newspapers, it is clearly not enough. Suggestion: Pick up a copy of the New York Times, and read it cover to cover. Have a notepad ready, and jot down every single major and minor advertiser within the times and get dialing. Express outrage. Refuse to purchase products or services from any company that will continue to run advertisements in this paper.

Disable them in an old fashioned capitalist manner.

This is easily done.

Let's not, as American's, stand by disgusted, act.

More information at Michelle Malkin's blog.

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