Thursday, October 23, 2008

MSNBC and CNN – Misleading Reporting Favors Obama

There has been a bit of a backlash among conservatives in the past week regarding two instances where at least two national news outlets misled the public in statements made during broadcasts. In the first instance, MSNBC, NBC’s cable arm, an audio clip from a Joe Biden gaffe announcing that Obama would be “tested” in his first six months of office, was downplayed as nothing, giving McCain a negative for even bringing the statement up in his rallies. The problem is that MSNBC played a clip from a speech in San Francisco, which bore little resemblance to the original statements Biden made in Seattle. In addition, the news outlet labeled the San Francisco Remarks as those made in Seattle (See Breitbart TV clip below).

Drew Griffin (CNN) in an interview with V.P. candidate Sarah Palin, asked for her reaction of an article in the National Review (a conservative publication), mocking her and demeaning her, when Palin asked who authored the article, Griffin had no idea of who authored the article. In truth, the article was referring to the press treatment of Palin. (Byron York Article here)

These are not isolated instances, the press in an apparent ideological frenzy, has decided that if ACORN cannot steal the election for former ACORN lawyer and former New Party Member (Socialist)(one has to sign a contract to support socialism – see Bruce Bently article)Obama, then the press will just have to jump in and make sure that their favorite Politician succeeds. From every conceivable source, reporting has been exceptionally biased. One has to wonder if ideology is more important than the truth or basic fact checking. There simply are no more reliable sources, a dilemma predicted by our founding fathers who were loath to give freedom to the press as they feared just such a scenario (Refer to Federalist Papers).

Does it really matter if the press is tainted? Yes – for several reasons – first and foremost, the perception that the press is more than biased is held by conservatives and a growing number of independent voters – to the point that ratings and subscriptions have tanked over the past 8 years – the result, the ideological driven media is losing income, and that can only result in reductions of staff, and in a loss of stock income. (NY Times stocks at a 10 year low and More Layoffs at NY Times). What will happen if John McCain, despite the media, despite ACORN and Obama’s “Truth Squads” and “Internet Squads” is elected? The press is assuring us that riots will ensue. Therefore, if the press cannot outright mislead the public into voting for Obama, the next step is to threaten the public. Should that fail then the ideological press will become further marginalized, there will be more layoffs, the stocks will drop and once respected institutions will be no more than a memory, or most likely a shadow of their former self. However, if they succeed (and it will be a close election), then what will become of truth in America? Talk Radio will certainly benefit, and should taxes increase, should our standing in the world become a laughing stock (see Carter), should we find inflation at 26% and interest rates on home loans at 21% (see Carter again), then there will be a backlash that the media will be unable to control. One thing that is forever lost is the national trust placed in fine institution such as the New York Times, NBC, CBS, and the like.

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