Friday, October 24, 2008

Indoctrination: An Obama Guide for Children – Dubious Tactics to “Get Out The Vote”!

Using children as young as thirteen, the Obama Campaign “How To Get your Parents and Grandparents to Vote Obama” (shown below), shows these younger teens using tactics that are questionable at best. Taking the approach that adults, or older individuals, are basically clueless and must be taught to vote for Obama – are there any new lows to which this campaign can go? Who knows, there is only a little over a week left.

The campaign also gives suggestions to younger people as well as an invitation to those who
Who have found tactics that work and share with other neophytes.

Hitler Youth – Obama Youth? Perhaps that analogy can be drawn – child abuse and brain-washing is more like it. It is one thing to teach civics in school, (a subject that has been dropped in public schools) it is quite another to indoctrinate. That is where the lines should be drawn. For a real treat, visit the Obama website and look through the drop down menus for Kids and Students.

Kids pages: (click to enlarge)


Chuck said...

This is a scary guy. Kind of like the "dear leader" video by kids.

Jimmy Lewis said...

In the following example I am in no way, shape, or form comparing Obama to Hitler … other than to show similarities of using the children for a higher purpose … Hitler often gathered the children into frequent rallies. He would use specific children to convey his propaganda. It is well known that no single target of nazification took higher priority than Germany’s children. Food, not for thought but, for concern.

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