Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Rise of the McCain Democrats -Missouri Democrats Support Obama – Vote McCain

In a recent post at Hillbuzz entitled “On the Ground in Ohio”, the consensus from the article was that many former Hillary supporters as well as Obama supporters were moving in the direction of McCain. Is that possible? In the course of several days, and given the opportunity to speak to a wide variety of people from a several different areas of Missouri, there is definitely something afoot. The most amazing comment was: “Me and my family have always voted Democrat, but, this is the first time we are voting for a Republican, because he is the lesser of two evils.” The conversation went a bit further, indicating that although when asked, theses family members would vocally support Obama - for fear of a “backlash”. Subsequent calls made to St. Louis, Springfield, and Kansas City garnered the same results. The individuals queried crossed racial and ethnic bounds, as well as socio-economic boundaries. A few of the reasons why there are closet McCain voters: Acorn’s aggressive approach to vote gathering has given former Hillary Clinton as well as some Obama supporters a belief that the primary process was corrupted, the Obama Truth Squads run by the State’s Sheriffs and Prosecutors – one man suggested that he was afraid of putting out a McCain sign due to possible intimidation from the Sheriff (Springfield, MO), but, the most important of all reasons:
Taxes – once again – “It’s the economy stupid”.

Joe the Plumber may have given these Show-Me voters a pause, but McCain had help in recent days from someone he would least expect: Barney Frank, (D), MA.
Frank, in an interview on CNBC (shown below), indicated that, indeed taxes would have to be raised in order to support government programs.

By calling individuals within a state of interest, it is hardly scientific (or as scientific as Gallop of Rasmussen), however, these are individuals who have given voice to pollsters telling them they would cast a vote for Obama while knowingly voting for McCain. How many of these pollsters are being “had”? That’s difficult to tell, but one can bet the house that if this is truly a trend, then perhaps Obama’s campaign should discount those media tickets its selling to reporters to cover the election night rally.
This election may indeed be a landslide, of media ratings – from Matt Drudge has the latest network news rating analysis.

Wed Oct 22 2008 07:25:40 ET

The Obama-McCain match-up is proving to be a lackluster election ticket for the Big 3 network news programs, according to NIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH.

As the shouting from the trail and the frantic spinning from the anchor desks intensify, the audience is voting with their remotes.

All 3 evening news shows experienced audience drops year-to-year for the week of Oct. 13-19, 2008.

CBSNEWS w/ Couric shed a half a million viewers, falling from 6.4 million to 5.9 million; ABCNEWS dropped from 8.1 million to 7.6 million; NBCNEWS slumped from 8.2 million to 7.8 million.”

Suffice it to say, that, as in past general elections (the past two specifically), the media pushed a particular party/candidate and the end result was not what they hoped. Will this election be any different? Given the make-up of the electorate, it is hardly probable. This race will be close, and although no one alive can predict the outcome, it appears that old school Democrats may be one of the keys to a McCain win.


Jimmy Lewis said...

I believe that the majority of the legal citizens of this great country really do understand what's at stake here ... just as I believe that the majority of our citizens long for everything that the United State of America once stood for ... and not for where Obama intends to take us.

I too have senced that McCain has always had a better than even money chance at winning this election ... However ... the daily rhetoric of change and empty promises is taking its toll I'm afraid. The combination of the hypnotic power of the mainstream media ... along with the antics of ACORN ... has suddenly shifted the realities of 'United We Stand', to the distinct possibilities of 'Divided We Fall' ...

Now is the time for McCain to finally grow a set and fire back at all the comparisons to Bush rhetoric. We've had eight years of tax cuts and we've had eight years of profound economic growth ... Shout it out John ... and site the facts ... It wasn't until this Democrat inspired crises in the home mortgage industry surfaced that the economy took its sharp turn. He knows it, they know it ... and yes, even the liberal press knows it ... we should be all over this 24x7. This economy is directly traceable to the Democrats ... from Carter thru Clinton to Barney and Dodd ... it's time to tie it all together. I have no clue why ... but he won't do it.

My wish is that everyone is this country would rent the movie "The Lives of Others." I'm not sure if you're familiar with it Tina, but it's about East Germany in the eighties. If everyone would just watch it, they'd find out what it's like when a government keeps track of and investigates private citizens. Or one better ... go back to the early days of Fidel Castro ... and listen to his speeches promising change and the redistribution of wealth. It's Verbatim Obama!

Wake Up People ... Before It's Too Late!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is really upsetting to know that there are people in Missouri and Ohio who are afraid to speak their minds about the election. The Obama Truth squad obviously has people afraid with their threats and intimidation. I am sorry to say that this is a sign of things to come if Obama gets elected. The people in Missouri and Ohio need to gather their strength and speak out against Obama , the only power he has is the power that we give him.

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