Saturday, October 25, 2008

Barney “Rubble” Frank – Congress Will Reduce Military, Increase Taxes – After Election

Ouch, just when you thought it was safe to elect Obama (speaking to committed Democrats and those independents who consistently vote Democrat and of course, all those voters registered by Acorn, including Mickey Mouse), president – Barney Frank opens his mouth and suggests you rethink your choice.

In a meeting with the Standard-Times editorial board (not an uncommon practice in Massachusetts: Ted, John, Barney are rumored to have monthly meetings with all major daily papers), Barney Frank dished up what he envisions happening as soon as the Left assumes power over Washington and the rest of us. A heartfelt greeting (warning) to the nation: “Welcome to Massachusetts”! Those conservatives living in the Bay State will finally have their worst fears realized, the exportation of Massachusetts political think to 49 other states.

First on the Frank and Nancy's agenda is a second economic stimulus package, aimed at raising taxes, increasing food stamps and funding states that might have under budgeted their Universal Health Care Plans. Thrown in to the mix are extended unemployment benefits - which will be necessary once businesses haul out of the states to climates that favor less taxation. How are Barney and company going to pay for all of this not to mention those infrastructure projects he has in mind? By cutting the military and raising taxes - If you have a job, go look in a mirror.

Of course, Barney could not get through this meeting without paying homage to one of his closest friends, Jack Murtha while discussing cutting the military budget. (Who is, ironically, dubbed by the paper as a key supporter of military budgets) (They have got to be kidding.) Jack Murtha is about as popular in his district now as Barney Frank is in his.

Although it is highly likely Frank will retain his seat due to voter apathy, the help of the Boston Globe and like-minded editorial boards (Longing for the days when newspapers were out finding facts, instead of taking direction from one political party to print fiction.), the papers are chewing up his opponent, Earl Sholley. Sholley, a Republican, has come under scrutiny by both the Globe and Frank due to Frank’s recent bout of unpopularity (The bailout, his ties to Freddie, Fannie, Raines and on and on.) Of course, his constituents may be reading the Herald, in which case, Frank could be at a loss. Murtha may likewise have an electoral problem - those bible clinging, gun toting, racist rednecks that populate his district may be inclined to send him into retirement.

You have to hand it to Frank - he's slick – in his vision (along with key players: Obama, Pelosi and Reed who also like the idea of spreading the wealth, taxing everyone and cutting defense – shades of Jimmy Carter!), Frank insists that the economic problem is mainly “psychological”!

The only individuals who will be psychologically affected, should this bunch be elected, are people who pay taxes. According to Barney “ultimately, there will be tax increases on the upper brackets.”We'll have to raise taxes ultimately. Not now, but eventually," he said.” The problem is that Barney does not define upper bracket, having been down that road before (see: Massachusetts Conservative Feminist), upper bracket can be any breathing taxpayer.

For those of you inclined to favor economic recovery, a robust military that will defend us both here and abroad, as well as jobs and fewer taxes - the following websites will be beneficial in allowing you the information needed to make the right choice for your wallet on November 4th.

John McCain for President
William Russell (Republican – PA) (Now within 5 Points of Jack Murtha)
Earl Sholley (Republican – MA) Running against Barney Frank
Jeff Beatty (Republican – MA) Running against the “Joker” (John Kerry)

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