Thursday, October 23, 2008

DNC Reform - Links: Obama, Odingo and Genocide

In the lastest YouTube video (shown below) from DNC Reform, highlights of Barack Obama's involvement with his Cousin, Odingo's campaign, are shown. In 2006, Obama made a trip to Kenya on the taxpayers dime. The purpose: to support his cousin, an opposition candidate. The government of Kenya was not pleased.

The most interesting aspect of this video is the much used phrases of Change and "Yes We Can". Apparently, Barack Obama's pal, Massachusetts Govenor Duval Patrick, must have come up with that one a bit earlier when Patrick was living in Chicago. Both men have close ties to David Axelrod a Democrat consultant and former reporter who is adept at trying to put out fires. (On the lighter side, it is interesting that a reporter is advising the Democrats, given that the Democrats are getting talking points directly from the Obama campaing).

DNC Reform is a grassroots organization dedicated to original Democrat standards and not the Progressive/Marxist standards present in the current party leadership.

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