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Liberal Progressive - Elizabeth Warren, former Rehnquist Appointee, Obama Appointee, Uses “Feminist” Card Against Scott Brown – Liz Grow Some Skin!

Scott Brown (R-MA) - Independent Brown fends off attacks by Progressive "Feminist" Oklahoma's Own Lizzie Warren

Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren, who is being funded by the "The Liberal Progressive Change Campaign Committee,"(Frederick News Post, MD), has had a most interesting career thus far. Elizabeth Herring Warren, who was appointed by Chief Justice Rehnquist, as a Member of the Federal Judicial Education Committee (from Consumer Protection Agency Official Biography on Elizabeth Warren), went on to hold her first “government job” as an appointee of Barack Obama to handle TARP, and now she wants to be the Senator from Massachusetts, the Progressive Democrat to replace Republican, Scott Brown.

Those Progressives who admire Ms. Warren, are rather miffed at the entire Democrat Party failing to embrace Communism (Communism and Progressives are interchangeable), but specifically Obama, whom members feel is not effective in furthering the Progressive agenda (i.e. turning the U.S. from a Democracy to the former Soviet Union – breadlines, poverty and all). In speaking of Warren, they suggest she would be a perfect member to form a new party, devoid of Democrats, and based on Progressives only: (David Lindoff)

I’m not sure how such a movement could be started. Perhaps Sen. Sanders, who long ago showed the way to run and win House and Senate elections as an independent and a self-described socialist, could start the ball rolling by contacting some of his caucus comrades and any labor activists and leaders he’s close to, and proposing the idea. Maybe Elizabeth Warren, who was betrayed and trashed by Obama after developing the idea for a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and who is said to be eyeing a run for the Senate seat held by Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown, would decide running on such a party’s ticket would be a satisfying form of payback, and could tip more principled members of the caucus, like Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Keith Ellison (D-MN) or Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), to come over. (Kucinich, who has been humiliated by his party repeatedly despite being one of its smartest and most principled members, and who has now been gerrymandered out of his job, should finally be willing to stop helping the Democratic Party pretend it is a progressive organization, and should walk out.)

To be admired by the right and by the left throughout a lifetime, leads one to take a harder look at Warren, who most likely (coming of age during the 1960’s), like most young women of her time (See Hillary Clinton) were known as “Goldwater Girls” – conservative youth, it would fit with Ms. Warren’s background, coming as she did out of Oklahoma.
However, that said, is she qualified and tough enough to take on one Scott Brown? Brown, who has voted straight down the middle, is maligned currently by Tea Party Groups in the State, and who has a record that make most conservatives look askance – Brown does not vote straight party line – he is an Olympia Snow, a Susan Collins, a wild card that the Republican’s cannot always be quite sure if he’ll go along with the “program” for the sake of “party unity” – Brown votes the way he feels his constituents would benefit most. Oddly, it has worked for him in Massachusetts, where the majority of the Bay State’s electorate is: unenrolled.

That may be news to Lizzy Warren – who showed a serious lack of mettle in recent attacks on Brown.

She called him a Tea Party Member (obviously not sure what Tea Party is, or means for that matter), while not taking the time to understand the Massachusetts Tea Party, perhaps the most fiscally and socially conservative Tea Party groups in the nation, don’t often care much for Scott Brown .

Then she insulted Brown for not being moral enough – seriously – Lizzie apparently felt that Brown’s posing for Cosmo (How high is the wager that she owned the copy), was not appropriate for a young man who would be Senator. (Globe) Brown fired back – and said something not quite good enough from Warren’s perspective (about how he struggled harder and worked harder to get his degree, than say Warren, which is the truth)and she felt he was being “sexist”!

The hue and cry went up about the Globe the rest of the Bay State and most likely Bernie Sanders is lighting candles in Vermont to ease the pain poor Lizzie must be feeling.
Give us all a break and buck up Elizabeth. Call it like you see it, and stop trying to whine your way into the Senate on the back of someone who actually deserves to be there. As a feminist, there is nothing worse than watching a woman who is capable stand back and act like the Virgin of Harvard, or worse, a True Elite Progressive, who’s nose is stuck so far up her own behind, she cannot see the forest for the trees!. It is insulting to women everywhere – period. Pick a fight, then pick a good topic, and stick to it.
One can’t have their cake and eat it too, that won’t work with the Massachusetts Electorate. So, go negative Lizzie, but keep it about the issues – go on Brown’s record, but be truthful, because, the unenrolled have been watching him like a hawk, and know how he votes.

Stop maligning the Tea Party, if one didn’t know better, one would think you were one of Tea Party members who ran in local elections as Democrats and won, and who will continue to use that avenue to change from within – after all – Rehnquist appointee, are you really a Progressive at all?

From this point of view, it is apparent that although having supported Scott Brown for Senate in the special election (Martha was not qualified, period), and already knowing the Centerfold story was beat to death and is a non-issue (see, to have a woman run for office, that woman should be qualified, (not an academic appointed by an academic administration, with no experience whatsoever in legislation but rhetoric), which is why, regardless of the fact that you a woman, it matters not when it comes to qualifications. Hillary Clinton is a qualified woman, she is qualified for the Senate, and she is more than qualified to be President – she has a record one can be proud of, and she has worked both sides of the aisle to get something accomplished – so has Scott Brown. That’s a hard act to follow Lizzie. You’re no Hillary Clinton, heck you’re not even a Scott Brown.

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