Monday, October 03, 2011

2012 GOP Update: You Know Herman Cain is Rising – the Left Begins Concerted Assault

Herman Cain - skewered by the left - image Black Star News

One has to really like Herman Cain, he’s personable, knowledgeable, and a straight shooter. He’s also the DNC’s and Progressive Socialist Democrat’s worst nightmare: an African American Republican running for the office of President. Apparently, that’s not allowed, because, logic follows in Democrat circles that only certain groups belong to Democrats: African American, Latinos, Women, Students and the Union Rank and File (one or two may have been missed). Therefore, when someone from one of the aforementioned “owned” properties, goes astray by becoming a Conservative and worse running for office as a Republican – it messes up the message that is broadcast across campus’ and grade schools nationwide. The speech mongers don’t’ take kindly to this scenario, so, they go on the attack.

Women, who were the last group to be allowed to vote, suffer the most, regardless of political party, and when a woman dares to run for office, either Hillary Clinton, Michelle Bachman and or unannounced, Sarah Palin, they are fair game for all sorts of ridiculous attacks, so numerous and so covered that it is, by now, common knowledge.
Here is a sampling of Herman Cain articles that came out over the weekend:

Herman Cain is No Booker T Washington, The Atlantic

Herman Cain and Black Republicans

Brain Dead? Herman Cain is Clarence Thomas Soul Mate Blackstarnews

Herman Cain is winning Because GOP Lacks Strong Candidates!(

That’s a smattering from today: my favorite being the last: one with any real inside knowledge of the GOP and its makeup would understand that Herman Cain is currently winning because he is resonating with those who would vote in the GOP.

Granted it is early, or late, in the game, depending upon who one is working for or with, however, Cain’s rise in the GOP field of 8 qualified individual candidates, is a testament to the refusal of the left to let go of their given ethnic groups, down to the man (or down to women), and the fact of the matter is: Herman Cain, should he continue to do well across the board, maybe the next President, forever exposing the “White Man’s Party Myth” propagated by the left (Democrats). The problem lays in the hypocrisy considering that those that run the DNC, for the most part, are overwhelming white men.

Go Figure and Go Herman. With the attacks on the rise, from the left, Herman Cain can be satisfied he’s doing well.

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