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2012 Update - Comedienne Roseanne Barr Announces Presidency for U.S. and Israel - Students In Nationwide Protests Clueless

Roseanne Barr in Protests for Occupy Wall Street - image RawStory

Is she Roseanne Barr serious about running for President or is this yet another comedy skit by Roseanne? She appears serious. She first announced her candidacy for President in August on the Jay Leno Show. Apparently, she’s running under the newly formed “Green Tea Party” and she “wants to be part of the debates”. She does have a Facebook “Fan” Page here: Roseanne Barr for President 2012, where she has managed to amass 1500 followers. The Posts read like someone who has firmly placed two feet over the proverbial ledge. Someone should inform Roseanne that one cannot be part of the televised debates if one is not affiliated with a credible party (Libertarian, Progressive Socialists, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, Green Party (this blog may have missed one or two). She may have picked up supporters at her recent appearance at the Wall Street Protests "Occupy Wall Street" (Raw Story), however, the depth of knowledge shown by these "elite" students, may make it incapable for them to even know who she might be.

The video below, if it weren’t meant to be funny, is decidedly chilling – in so much that Barr has little influence on society, yet, her grasp of Socialism (a la Stalin) is amazing. In speaking to Max Keiser (Bio here on Huffington Post), Barr does not rant, rather decidedly explains, in no uncertain terms, “her platform” which includes reeducation camps, limits on earnings ($100 Million), and the opportunity for Wall Street employees who earned more than that amount, to give it back or face – the Guillotine.

The Video

Over at Infowars: a video featuring journalist, Adam Kokesh, speaking to protestors in Washington DC, shows the unfortunate dummying down of American from the cradle to U.S. Universities, if one can stand to watch more than 4 minutes of the video.

In speaking to the same ludicrous “wealthy, corporations, banks and who runs what rant”, the ties between the administration and reality are blurred for the students in the video. On stunning example is a young woman who talks about educational loans as an “industry” – while surely not understanding that the government now “owns” student loans and lending (passed with the Health Care Reform Act). Following that segment, Mr. Kokesh goes on to interview of group of students, asking the question “Should Obama be impeached?” The question results in some confusion on their part, one asking: “For what?" Another: “For Afghanistan." – not one peep about the administration and ties to Wall-Street, or pushing taxpayer dollars at Green Businesses that were decidedly a bad risk, yet had contributed to the Obama Campaign. Impeachable, perhaps not, however, the fact that none of those students had a clue about their own government, yet were out there “protesting” and “stumping for Obama” (who benefited from Wall Street during his campaign, with GE’s CEO sitting in the Whitehouse) underscores the fact that the inmates are running the educational asylum - since when did current events become of so little import and the information given to students so detached from reality?

Try 1972 in Philadelphia, where the Teachers Union got its start.

What makes this such an amazing country, is that although, one can look at these two separate entities and others (those protesters without a clue, and a comedienne who would be President of not one, but two countries, in order to fix the financial systems via reeducation camps, the guillotine, and so on, along with the loopy Governor of North Carolina, who”joked” it might be worthwhile to suspend elections (given the fact that should the elections be held, there appears to be a change coming that will not be to any of the above referenced liking. It is the first amendment who allows the difference of option, and these individuals a platform and soapbox upon which to stand. Unfortunately, what is also portends is the beginning of the seeds of anarchy, however, one has to speculate that these types of actions and words, will not be broadly accepted, nor tolerated by the majority.

We, as a great nation, allow the divergent opinions of others to be expressed, and we have the right to refute and ok, laugh a lot, at some of them, feel sad for others, and feel a tad big concerned over anyone who is a public servant expressing a desire to “skip an election”.

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