Friday, August 08, 2008

Obama’s Poll Woe’s – It’s the Women, Stupid

Several articles have posed the question: “Why isn’t Obama in better shape?” Polls continue to show the Democrat Presidential Nominee in a statistical tie with Republican, John McCain, after a much ballyhooed and media blitzed world tour, where it was anticipated that Obama would widen the lead between himself and McCain substantially.

So, where to cast the blame? First, media saturation: Apparently, getting to know Obama 24/7 may have been too much for the regular folk: - there is a new symptom”Obama Fatigue”.

Second: That scoundrel, John McCain, has had the nerve to run an attack ad comparing Obama to Paris Hilton, both the Obama campaign and Miss Hilton shot back, only her method appeared to chide McCain, rather than mock. In the Hilton “ad”, McCain is depicted as the oldest celebrity, and Hilton goes on to give an overview of an energy plan that resembles McCain – she does not mention Obama. This ingénue has given McCain a boost – between McCain’s hysterical Obama ads, and Ms. Hilton’s spoof, McCain has passed Obama in views. Significant – you bet – You-Tube demographics are youth oriented.

Thirdly, (these are not in any specific order), and most importantly - Women. The New York Times is asking "What does Hillary Want”? That answer should be as plain as the nose on anyone’s face – the nomination - and vidication. Is she a power driven, crazy woman who is so self-centered that she wants to lay waste to the Progressive party’s dreams? No – she’s a realist. Understanding that once the public got to know Obama, despite the best efforts of the DNC, his campaign and the media to give the man a proverbial pass - the honeymoon would fade and McCain, not exactly a darling of conservatives, would tighten the race, eventually leading the Republican Party to another term in the White House. What the patriarchs in that Party failed to notice, (but Clinton did) was that women, were beginning to take notice of Ms. Clinton’s treatment, by the press, by her peers, and by the Party elite – it was transparently sexist. As the Howard Deans and Jimmy Carter’s increased the pressure on Clinton to pack it in and embrace Obama, a backlash occurred that crossed party lines. Conservatives, many of whom no longer had a “dog in the hunt”, were looking at all three remaining candidates - and women, conservative women, were leaning – Clinton. She was prevented, by the men in her Party, and by the media (and one power-hungry Nancy Pelosi) from breaking that coveted glass ceiling. The old adage “Hath no fury” should have been taken into account.

Regardless of the outcome of the Democrat Convention, (Clinton supporters would love to nominate, and oust Obama), John McCain will have positioned himself so that, barring a major catastrophe, he should handily win the White House, in a year that was touted as a sweep for the DNC (and all this with the help of some angry and frustrated women who thought all was possible.) Will the DNC be ready to listen in 2012?

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