Monday, August 04, 2008

House Republicans August 4th – Patriots Continue America’s Energy Debate in Darkened House

House Leader, John Boehner (R. Ohio) and Roy Blunt (House Whip, R. Missouri) sent a memo to Republican members of the House and their staff on over the weekend urging them to continue to protest and debate America’s energy crisis on Monday. John Culberson (R. Texas) and other house members, will continue to provide updates to constituants via Twitter today.

To what end? The call to action by this group of House Republicans is in the interest of the people, unlike their Democrat counterparts, led by House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi called the House into recess on Friday (5 week summer vacation), while House Republicans continued to protest and debate on the floor. Pelosi has continued to refuse to allow a vote on offshore drilling, despite the fact that the Democrats have a majority in the House and should, if one were to believe they were “one party in concert”, easily defeat the Republican Energy proposal. So, what could possibly prevent the Speaker from putting an end to this? The only logical conclusions are that Pelosi feels she would lose if the bill were put to a vote, or she is simply so power driven that she cannot see the trees for the forest.

Nancy has been busy, she’s promoting her latest book and she is also pushing her choice for the Democrats V.P. pick
Chet Edwards,on Obama. Surely within five weeks, she might find the time to address the American people’s needs? Perhaps she may even take time to notice that Cindy Sheehan, , her San Francisco contemporary, is expected to make the ballot and run against Madam Speaker. In a year where the Democrat controlled Legislature continues to poll at historically low favorability ratings, it would not come as a shock should Ms. Sheehan replace the speaker. (Think San Francisco.)

Republican’s have asked Ms. Pelosi to call Congress back in an emergency session to vote on this bill. From John Boehner’s website: “It’s not a request we make lightly. But the American people are suffering,” Boehner and Blunt said in the memo. “The consequences of continued congressional inaction on gas prices are unacceptable. We’ve called on the Speaker to call Congress back into an emergency session this month and schedule a vote on the American Energy Act. We must continue to make a stand until the Speaker complies.”

It is about time that the people we hire (those citizens who we, the people, vote into office to represent our needs) took action on our behalf. The type of “revolt” that the Republican house members began on Friday is exactly what makes one proud to be a part of this great Republic. They are displaying true patriotism. With an issue that is so urgent to the public, it is surprising that not one member from the other side of the political aisle has joined in an attempt to put the needs of their constituents over the wishes of their party master.

Playing “devils advocate”, one might argue that this group of Republicans are only looking for media attention and that they are playing on this issue in order to drive up the stock of the Republican Party. However, were that true, why would they have continued to debate without a single national media outlet available? (House Speaker Pelosi effectively kicked out the media on Friday, shutting down C-Span and removing reporters from the House). With the House still in darkness, and with limited ability to reach the public, the few will continue to speak for the people. Hurrah!

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