Thursday, August 07, 2008

John Kerry - “In a Corner” Tour – Primary Woes Continue

John Kerry, Junior Senator (D) Massachusetts, who is facing his first primary challenge in 23 years, has made several appearances in the Bay state in the past few weeks. This is the first time in decades that Kerry has been forced to actively campaign for his seat – one would expect that Kerry, a national figure, popular with the party elite, would be a shoe-in for reelection – but there are doubts.

Ata recent campaign stop in Quincy, Kerry was surrounded by 25 supporters and his campaign stop in Framingham, netted a crowd of 100, where “almost all wore Kerry stickers”.

Although the Polls have been kind to Kerry, a recent Suffolk University Poll indicates that the incumbent may be in bigger trouble than previously anticipated. Barrack Obama’s lead in Massachusetts is tumbling (Jeff Beatty Republican predicted a McCain victory in Massachusetts in July) and John Kerry’s lead over Jeff Beatty is just breaking 51 % in the poll of 400 respondents - not good new for the incumbent this early in the game. The Republican challenger, Jeff Beatty has only begun to run television ads in the Bay State – holding back until after the results are in from the September Democrat primary.

What seems to be Senator Kerry’s problem in a state that has been taken for granted for years? There may be several answers, but one that comes immediately to mind is – Clinton Supporters. The junior senator, who began backing Obama in 2004, endorsed his candidacy after the majority of his constituents voted for Hillary Clinton in the February 2008 primary. Ed O’Reilly appears to be a favorite of those Clinton supporters who have yet to embrace Obama, and Kerry has become a target.

The ACTBlue website also shows an indication of how well Kerry is doing against his affable challenger, Ed O’Reilly. O'Reilly is garnering donations from Progressive Clubs and Clinton supporters - 258 individuals with 7 different organizations donating to his campaign in 2008. On the other hand, John Kerry , has a measly 4 organizations supporting him in this cycle, with exactly 4 donations to his campaign, a noted departure from previous years.

To learn more about the challenged and the challengers visit:
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Conservative Hub of New England said...

I think John Kerry knows he is in trouble. Yesterday he appeared in my city and promised to get millions for our citizens to help revamp abandoned buildings and with mortagages. There are photos of him walking through the worst neighborhood in our city, followed by a huge crowd of bank officials,campaign workers but it appears that Kerry supporters were few. Can't remember the last time Kerry reared his head in my city, its obvious, the man is desperate. Jeff Beatty is breathing down his neck and I am fully confident that Jeff will win the senate seat. Kerry can then retire to Nantucket and hang out with young island "friends"..

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