Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Obama’s Boston Birthday Bash - $28,500 Dinner Ticket

Barrack Obama spent the evening in Boston amongst friends, in an effort to raise additional cash for his “victory fund”. Tickets for “dinner with Obama”, were set at $17,000 for an individual and $28,500 per couple, or for most of those left in the Bay state, the cost to heat a home for the winter, pick up the tab on the Bay states Mandated Health Care Reform bill, and general financial support to the state in the form of Income Tax (On the Ballot to Repeal), Sales Tax, Gasoline Tax, and sundry other fees. The sharp contrast between those that have (Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry) and those that are trying to survive (actual Baystaters') is evident in the party that was once herald as belonging to and fighting for “the working man”.

The article also notes that many Hillary Clinton supporters came out to toast and open their wallets for Barrack. Out of $5,000,000 raised - $700,000 came from Clinton supporters in the Bay state, a signal taken to mean all Clinton supporters are on the Obama band-wagon. That may mean some Clinton Supporters who have the cash on hand to throw at Obama are going in that direction, but it does not include the rank and file Massachusetts Democrat voter. Social networking sites such as MySpace, which continues to be home to many political campaigns grassroots efforts, tell a different story.
Hillary Clinton 2012 grassroots MySpace site has over 63,000 “friends”, with calls to action - bulletins urging donations to Cindy Sheehan’s campaign – Cindy Sheehan is campaigning for Nancy’s Pelosi’s seat. Not everyone is on Obama’s bus – specifically women (Democrats) who feel that the best chance for their party to regain the white house, slipped through their fingers when Party Leaders, like John Kerry (D. MA), threw their support behind Barrack Obama, often against the wishes of their constituants.

Both Kerry and Pelosi are facing opposition from within their own party – in Kerry’s case, Ed O’Reilly, a populist Gloucester, MA resident, is gaining ground and momentum as the September primary approaches. While John Kerry had a stop in a local donut shop in Framingham that drew an embarrassing 50 supporters, Ed O’Reilly around the state appearances have been well-received – he relates to the base, and he even looks a bit like a Kennedy! Who, in the Bay State would support such a candidate over the much “revered” John Kerry? How about Clinton supporters?

Meanwhile, yesterday Obama appeared to switch his position, yet again, on offshore drilling, while in the company of “Save the Planet” Pelosi. Pelosi is being called to task by House Republicans - who are scheduled to continue to protest over Pelosi’s refusal to allow a vote on offshore drilling, instead, calling the House into recess for 5 weeks. John McCain, to his credit, said Congress should reconvene to deal with the energy crisis – the only person who can call the Congress back into an emergency session is the President – so far, no interest from the White House in supporting those Republican congressmen protesting on the Hill.

As Democrats continue to ponder why Obama and the rest of the Democrats are not showing huge gains in the polls, (Latest Opinion Polls give McCain a 1 point lead nationwide) the “average Joe and Jane” are looking at ways to heat their home this winter, drive to work, and continue to pay for groceries – all they understand is that it costs $28,500 to sit down with Obama for dinner and Nancy Pelosi would rather stump for her book than take the time out to vote on Offshore Drilling. Although most media is treating the Republican House Protest as some sort of “prank”, and most articles are found, if at all, buried on Fox, CNN and like websites, increasing awareness through social networking sites, has people admiring those that would stand up for and communicate directly with – the people. It also highlights the differences between the party “elites” and their constituents – nothing should be taken for granted in 2008.

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