Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Jeff Beatty – Batting 1000, predicts Republican Victory in Massachusetts.

Jeff Beatty, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate was on hand to throw out the first pitch today for the American Legion Baseball Tournament at Szot Park in Chicopee. . He was introduced to a strong round of applause, and after he threw out the first pitch - came off the field to words of encouragement, “I hope you win” - players and bystanders alike reached out to shake his hand.

There is something about this candidate – he is likable. The first thing one notices about Jeff Beatty is his ready smile - his hand outstretched in greeting - the kind of guy you want for your next door neighbor – not the “untouchable politician” looking for the next “photo opp”. Watching Beatty walk through the crowd, stopping to chat or take a picture – one quickly understands his grassroots appeal – Beatty has a genuine interest in what the other guy or gal has on their mind – he listens. He has a brand of subtle charisma, soft spoken – yet authoritative and intelligent – a leader. This assessment is from one who has had the opportunity to meet and listen to a few politicians at the state and national level over the past 40 years – those who have run those who have also-ran – Beatty is poised to succeed.

He agrees with the majority of Americans when it comes to the nation’s energy crisis - something that is one everyone’s mind – Beatty is in favor of offshore drilling – accessing America’s oil supplies and increasing the nations capacity to refine.

He also understands the political landscape. Back in early July, he predicted that McCain, with a 20 plus point polling deficit against Obama in Massachusetts – would begin to gain, and eventually take the 12 Massachusetts electoral votes. Good call - a recent 7 News/Suffolk University Poll shows Obama’s lead over McCain in Massachusetts has fallen to 9 points. Although there is this preconceived notion that Massachusetts is a Democrat stronghold (the only state that McGovern carried in 1972), the heavy concentration of those unenrolled voters (51%), can produce a Republican win in presidential races (Reagan, 1980 and 1984), Senatorial Races (Edward Brooke, Republican (also the first African American to be elected to the Senate) 1972, and the Governor’s office (Weld, Romney). It is all about the political climate, and that climate is subject to change. There is a certain South Dakota, circa 2004, atmosphere in the Bay state.

Ed O’Reilly, Democrat Gloucester, has a Kennedyesque charm and may surprise both the Bay state and incumbent John Kerry in the September primary. Kerry, who has deep ties to Barrack Obama, dating to the 2004 Democrat convention , endorsed the Illinois Senator against his constituents wishes (the Bay state Democrats overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy), this and his stance on the Iraq war, led to O’Reilly garnering well over 15% of the delegates necessary to place him on the September primary ballot, at the Democrat Convention in Lowell.

Therefore, it is now a question of who Jeff Beatty will face in November – an incumbent who 51% of voters polled believe should be replaced (Suffolk University Poll) or the affable, but left-of-left, O’Reilly. Massachusetts will be the state to watch this November.

Photographs taken Szot Park, Chicopee - Non-Professional

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