Friday, August 06, 2010

Massachusetts 4th District Republican Debate: Bielat versus Sholley, Scheduled.

Earl Sholley 4th District Congressional Candidate - photo Steve Azzara PR Web

This blog has confirmed a debate between the two Republican Candidates for the Massachusetts 4th District Congressional Seat, will take place on August 11th at 7:00 am hosted on The Jeff Katz Show, Boston radio WXKS.

Sean Bielat Candidate for US Congress, photo Mass Beacon

The Debate is the only one confirmed schedule prior to the primary which takes place on September 14th, 2010. The winner of the primary will go on to face Congressional Representative, Barney Frank in November. Sholley, who ran a late-start campaign against Frank in 2008, had the opportunity to debate Frank at the time. Video of the debate can be found on YouTube here.

Mr. Beilat’s appearance at the debate is tentative, his wife is expecting their first child, should she be in delivery on the morning of the 11th, Mr. Beilat will, of course, not be available. It would be a service to both the voters of the 4th District as well as every citizen of the United States (given Mr. Frank is the incumbent), that should this occur, the debate be reschedule prior to the primary, either in this venue or any other available.

The debate, depending upon Mr. Beilat's attendance, will be available through streaming as well as podcast. As this debate is of such import (given Massachusetts newly found conservatism), it is suggested that readers tune in on August 11th at 7:00 am to the Jeff Katz program.

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Snakedoc said...

Find ut more about Earl Sholley at and
Read Sholley's Pledge to the People.
Sholley stands for term limits and no pension for Congress.
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