Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Breaking - CBS Katie Couric Raw Footage Mocking Gov. Sarah Palin and State of Alaska Day One of Palin Nomination as V.P.

Katie Couric, CBS News Anchor, more fluff than substance image:

The raw footage below show below depicts CBS news anchor, Katie Couric, making comments during a “rehearsal” of the evening news the day Sarah Palin was nominated as the second woman in U.S. history to be nominated as a Vice Presidential running mate for a major political party. During her rehearsal, Couric, running through Palin’s bio as a mother, names her children Trig and Track and then states “Where the hell do they get these names?” On Wasilla, Alaska, Couric purposely mispronounces (Wasilla, Alaska) “Wa-sil-a” several times – to the obvious glee of her “crew”.
The woman who was responsible for boiling down a seven hour taped interview that made Palin out to be, in plain speak, an idiot, (i.e. The infamous “What do you read?”) was gunning to diminish Palin’s immediate appeal at the Republican convention as well as the national stage from the get-go.
Couric, whose ratings had been sagging on CBS news, either did this in hopes of bumping up her stock with CBC (which succeeded) or as a dedicated progressive who would stop at nothing to see her preferred candidate succeed. As a so-called journalist, Couric, in this video proves why Gallops Trust in Institution polls for 2010 shows only 22% of Americans “trust” television news, down 1 point from 2009. Couric as a "source of news", as well as any other journalist who would inject opinion and literally “invent” the facts in order to fit their personal political and/or in this case as well “socio-econonmic” beliefs, taints every colleague with the same brush of suspicion.
The video, released by, is not surprising to those who did due diligence and bothered to look into Palin’s background as the first woman Governor of the State of Alaska. Unfortunately, Couric took the low road, in total disrespecting every woman in America that is not up to her standards. Had Couric and her ilk been honest and reported straight facts across the board about all of the women running for office, it would be probable that Hillary Clinton would have faced McCain and Palin in the 2008 presidential race. What type of “rehearsal footage” is out there that describes Hillary Clinton, the front-running in the 2008 Democrat primary? The influence of the institution may have waned, fortunately, over the past two years, and this in no small part due to individuals such as Couric. Ms. Couric not only did a great disservice to her country, women in general, and her colleagues, but to the industry as a whole, one which needs, financially, the viewership and/or subscribers (case of print) in order to survive.
How the long video will be available on YouTube is also anyone’s guess – given CBS’s long history, as a news organization, of “manufacturing news” (see Dan Rather) – can they afford another drop in viewership due to “rouge” reporters such as Couric?

Ms. Couric should make immediate apologies to both Sarah Palin and her family, the City of Wasilla Alaska and the American Public.

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