Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Bets Karl Rove Clinton Will Run in 2012 – Broadcast August 3, 2010

While flipping through news offerings during the breaks in “America’s Got Talent” (a “realty show” worth watching in this humble opinion), I came across a segment on the “O”Reilly Factor” featuring former Bush advisor, Karl Rove and host, Bill O’Reilly. The discussion under way regarded Barak Obama’s continuously declining poll numbers – and whether or not, should they fall below 40% or further, Hillary Clinton would run against Obama for the 2008 Democrat nomination. The exchange included O’Reilly’s certainty that Clinton would run, against Karl Rove’s insistence (looking not quite sure) that she would not based on her loyalty to Obama and the Democrat Party.

One would, in this case, have to bet against Rove, as it would be her loyalty to both the nation and the Democrat Party to offer herself as a candidate for President, rather than allow the White House to fall out of her Party’s hands should Obama continue on the Carter path to self-destruction. O’Reilly, in this instance, made a fairly “safe bet”.

Those who have not watched a talent competition, for like or dislike, are encouraged to at least take a look at this series season of “America’s Got Talent” – clips from the show are available at Compared to other offerings on the major networks, this particular program offers entertainment, and a sense of pride in America. (See talented politician Hillary Clinton who has pride in America.)

One favorite below - Opera - go figure!

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