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Maine Duo, Collins (R-ME) and Snow(R-ME), Cave to Teachers Union in Senate State Bail Out Bills

ME Senators Collins and Snow - image Politico

It comes as no surprise that Senators Collins and Snow have decided to vote “yes” on a “State Aid” package which was opposed by both Republicans and Democrats concerned with adding to the burgeoning deficit. This decision effectively blocked the possibility of a Filibuster by Republicans opposed to adding more aid, unless paid for in some measure (cuts or unspent Stimulus funds). According to the LA Times the duo were influenced by Teachers Unions, who “produced ads urging” both Senators to “cross the aisle”, which they did.

Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH), was quoted in the LA Times as suggesting “money doesn’t appear on trees”, in reference to the fact that the federal government cannot go on printing money. Also mentioned were State Governors who may have been forced to make “painful cuts”, and of course: “The package also provides $10 billion in education funds, and the National Education Assn. estimates that 138,000 teachers' jobs could be saved.” The National Education Association is one of the National Teachers Unions. The full article is here .

State Governors might look to Chris Christie of NJ for some help in understanding how to a) keep ones job, and b) cut the budgets, regardless of any ad campaigns run by the unions. In a recent gallop poll on “trust in institutions”, the unions and public education both fell in “confidence levels” in the 2010 survey. Education dropped 4 points to 34 percent, and organized labor was just above Congress at 20%, in between the media sits uncomfortably at 25 (Newspapers) and 22 (television news), proving that the public is no longer buying under performing schools across the board, backed by unions that protect incompetence and a media that backs them up (see LA Times). A message to these Governors: The voters are behind "touch decisions".

The motion to move forward (Senate Roll call here with the package was ballyhooed as “jobs saving” and, of course, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA 8), will get that whipped through the Congress so that the President can sign the nation further in penury. The language used in the moving this bill closer to the President’s desk says it all: (Library of Congress) a “Motion to waive all applicable budgetary discipline “.

The Bill, originally under S Amendment 4575, and be found modified as S6572, the CBO report is available here

In order to find the actual language one must first sift through what the “aid” package might be “tacked onto” as, per usual, it makes locating the bill a tad difficult (not impossible). Best read on the subject: The memo from Democrat Policy Committee describes how this wonder bill morphed from a transportation and safety act into aid for teachers and increased “Medicaid”.

Apologies to Katie Couric and those Ivy League “betters” whose current system is either purposefully convoluted in order to “protect those pesky masses (we the people in Progressive speak)” or they have no clue and just think they do. (See Rachel Maddow convoluted speak on Missouri Referendum rejecting Obama’s Government Health Care Plan below – using Katie Couric “speak” – “where do they come up with this stuff?”

Herein lays the problem, the voters are fed up with extra money spent at this point, regardless, or especially if they see union backed advertising and teachers. In addition, the “masses” are now watching every move out of Congress, especially if it comes to the great, great, great grandchildren paying the tab.

Must something be done to keep quality teachers in the classrooms, essential state services moving along, and of course, medication and essential services to our seniors? – Absolutely, however, the time has come to make cuts that are painful, and raise taxes, one or the other, and quite frankly possibly both), as the Democrat Congress and Senate since 2006, has been on a spending spree that has seen no equal. The only way to stop the nonsense is to vote in November, and to any one Congressional Representative, or Senator, regardless of Party who spends with abandon or is compelled to listen to a Union rather than a constituent, there are alternatives on the ballot worthy of a chance.

Rachel Maddow needs to “get a clue” as it is not merely “white old men” running to the polls, but Latinos as well as woman and men of all ages and all parties, who are unemployed, over taxed, and sick of the continued growth of government and their insatiable appetite to spend the United State into the Stone Age.

Therefore, to do unto Obama (stop him cold by cutting the purse strings), which was done to George W. Bush from 2006 forward with a Democrat majority in both houses), get to the polls and vote. With a Republican majority in both the house and the senate, further damage would be shut down for two years, allowing for some breathing space and possible recovery. In 2012, depending upon the right Democrat Presidential candidate, a return to a reasonable government is possible (blatant plug for Hillary Clinton). Barring a reasonable and responsible offering by the Democrats, the obvious choice would be to move cautiously forward to a Republican candidate which would, once again, set the stage for a Congress and Administration in Concert.

Both Snow and Collins are up for re-election soon. Snow will be up for reelection in 2012 and Collins was reelected in 2008, Senators serve for a term of 6 years, she will be up for reelection in 2014.

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