Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Mexico Entertainment Bi-Monthly Declares Obama The Winner!

The New Mexico Sun (CNN Reporting) decided to go out on a limb with their latest issue and declare Barack Obama – President. Talk about trying to beat the odds. Perhaps they should have done a little digging, and placed a lot less faith in the polling process.

Immediately following the 1980 election, Warren J. Mitofsky, of CBS News, pondered why the polls had been so amazingly – wrong The problem must have fallen to the pollster, not CBS – as the outcome did not, in any way shape or form, meet the standard of the polling results.

In the final days before the 1980 election, Jimmy Carter led Ronald Reagan in all the polls, additionally; many felt that Ross Perot would take votes from Reagan, giving Carter an additional lead.

History tells us otherwise – and history, my friends, has a way of repeating itself. Reagan won with the help of Democrats who were jumping ship left and right based on Carters lack of expertise in governing, and the crisis, economic, military, etc., that resulted from the Democrat Body United in Washington - today, Carters doppelganger is experiencing the same fantastic polling numbers, (has the same mindset and the same Congress) with one exception for McCain, he is actually polling better than Reagan in that final week. McCain has his own bunch of Democrats for McCain, along with the entire Republican base (with exceptions of those conservative journalist and party players from Washington who are backing the other team, and all 10 of them are a drop in the bucket. The editor at the Sun should have done his research. Perhaps a better headline: "Obama Blames Fox News for his stunning defeat!" (That groundwork is already being laid by Obama - just in case) In past elections, Carter blames a late debate, Kerry Blames Bin Laden, Gore blamed the Supreme Court (had all military absentee ballots been counted, that would have been a moot point, and Gore was the one that requested the case be brought!), so, now Obama must cast about for a scapegoat.


Jimmy Lewis said...

Top Ten Obama Scapegoat Excuses On Nov. 5th:

#10. “Must have used too much lipstick”
# 9. “No teleprompters in the voting booth”
# 8. “Guess it came down to Right vs. Wright”
# 7. “Should have told Joe to share the plunger”
# 6. “In hindsight, concentrating on winning the junior high vote probably not such a good idea”
# 5. “After campaigning in 50 states, I ran out of time to make it to them other seven”
#4. “Like a bad fielding shortstop, I just made too many Ayers”
#3. “Why didn’t they tell me that nobody reads newspaper anymore! … Wait a minute, you’re telling me they’re all watching Fox? F#@%ing Hannity!!!”
#2. “Apparently them liberal chickens forgot to vote when they came home to roost”
And the #1 Obama Scapegoat Excuse on Nov. 5th:
“Voters got tired of me and wanted a change!”

Chuck said...

Maybe the paper thought the media had done their work and the fix was in.

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