Friday, October 31, 2008

The Gender Bias Factor 2008 - Happy Halloween

Throughout this election process, there were a lot of ism’s tossed around; racism, ageism, and of course, sexism; calling into question gains that were thought to have been made to eradicate all isms by this great country. It goes without saying that all three exist, and will, undoubtedly continue to be fostered; by those on the right and the left. What is most astonishing is that, as a group, women are a “safe” target; especially those who would dare to break with “tradition” and attempt to assume roles that are traditionally male. From the beginning of the primary season, 2007 to be exact, conversations around one Massachusetts family event astounded this Bay Stater. In discussing the field of contenders the male voters (All family members are generational Democrats, with one notable exception) immediately dismissed Hillary Clinton – why? “Who would elect a woman”, their choice at the time: John McCain – McCain? At that time, McCain was considered as the least likely (minus Ron Paul and Tancredo) of getting past Iowa – the reasoning, there was simply no-other candidate on the other side with similar ideals. The argument from the conservative feminist was simple: Clinton is a moderate and the best your party has to offer, give her a chance – indeed, by sheer numbers, women have the upper hand, and would tip the balance in her favor – a viable candidate, that would, in all likelihood grab some Republican votes alone the way. (The irony is: Clinton went on to win the Massachusetts Primary and McCain, as a result of his win of the Republican nomination, quickly fell out of grace - but Obama, a man, who was not a Republican, was perfect!)

As the months wore on and the primary season began, the treatment of Hillary Clinton in the press and by a certain Campaign disintegrated into an all out anti-feminist rant. Clinton was, as promised, an open book, no baggage that anyone didn’t already know about – she was upfront - she was, above all, a moderate. It was the devil we knew that got our attention. What shocked women, of both parties, to attention was the reality that the male establishment continued to dominate; not just our salaries, but our position in the grand scheme of things. The other emerging Candidate, Obama, was accepted, based on gender – by a percentage of the base. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Obama was not put through “the wringer”, no one questioned him, and the press continues to protect him (referring to most recently, the video tape of Obama at a Khalidi dinner party that the LA Times refuses to release). Clinton, who ran a brilliant campaign, was thwarted by the male bastion that makes up the DNC – Dean, Reid, Kennedy, Kerry, aided by one power hungry Nancy Pelosi (women can be their own worst enemies – that’s the central theme of women’s studies courses). The process was long, and after revelations including “bible clutching, gun toting” Pennsylvanians and radical pastors, were made clear, Clinton proceeded to dominate the remaining states. Too little to late, regardless of the popular vote, the process was undermined by the Super Delegates, and those Super Delegates were men (and Nancy Pelosi and her daughter Christine (who cast the tipping vote in favor of Obama).

Enter Sarah Palin, a popular (with the Republican Base) conservative vice-presidential candidate (Also of note: McCain has surrounded himself with women, they receive higher pay to boot, the Obama Campaign is not so "liberated" - fewer women in positions of power, making less than their male counterparts - this may have been the trouble vis-a-vis a male relative) – she is being eviscerated at every point – not on politics – but on her gender. If the left-leaning press were willing to eat their own (Hillary Clinton), they apparently have decided that with Palin, a conservative, nothing is off limit. Gleeful reports came from local and national news outlets over a disgusting display in West Hollywood, which depicted an effigy of Palin being hung from the rafters. This was not a problem, because gender is not protected – race and sexual orientation are protected under hate crimes legislation – but gender is not. That in and of itself, is the reason that women, more than ever, regardless of party, need to make their voices heard – and push for legislation that includes gender on an parity with race. Historically speaking, women were the last “group” allowed to vote, it is high time a message was sent; as women, enough is enough. One way to send that message is to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket – if, one is so opposed to a moderate Republican Senator who votes with Democrats more frequently that his base approves, and Palin, because she is a Republican woman – then do something and ask your congressmen and senators (and any women you might find that hold these offices) – to make crimes against women – hate crimes. The video below, depicts an Obama Halloween nightmare – don’t let it fool you – it is specific to the treatment received by Hillary Clinton at the hands of her own party –not because of her policy – but because of her gender. A thank you is in order to all those Clinton Supporters who refuse to bend to party and are doing everything they can to put an end to this type of bias. For more information visit: Hillbuzz Women working for women, regardless of party, because of bias. Perhaps, just perhaps, a message will be sent this Tuesday, that gender bias will no longer be tolerated in this great nation. The polls certainly are moving in that direction. McCain/Palin 08, Palin vs. Clinton 2012. It's a win-win for a "Majority-Minority" that has been last on the agenda since reluctantly given the vote in 1920. Let us not let another 24 long years go by before we see another woman elevated to the top or the bottom of a major political party ticket.

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Jimmy Lewis said...

Following your lead ... I have reviewed the Hillbuzz web site ... and I gotta tell you Tina that I have found it to be both refreshing and very encouraging.

The fact that these women have kept an open mind, not to mention their sincere belief toward the feminist movement, all the while holding onto the core believes on which this country was founded ... I am impressed.

And as for those "feminist" that our clinging to Obama for the sake of liberalism/socialism or nothing ... I almost wish for their hypocrisy to come back and bite them in the throat.

Now how's that for a Halloween analogy?

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