Friday, February 11, 2011

Democracy Inaction in Middle East – US Policy Appears to Support or Ignore Student Protests Depending Upon Which Way the Wind Blows

The Muslim Brotherhood Protests in Egypt - Photo: Isreallycool

In 2009, Iranian Students took to the streets in protest of an oppressive, theocracy, one where elections meant the outcome was predetermined. The Islamic State of Iran saw massive protests, first by students, who were later joined by the general populace, violently shut down by the “duly elected” Ahmadinejad. As the protestors were beaten back by hired mercenaries of the regime, the U.S., in general, paid little attention to what was, in fact, a call for true democracy and freedom in Iraq. The protests began approximately on June 15th of 2009 , while bloggers, working from twitter, and YouTube videos, attempted for days on end to get information out to the general public, as the U.S. media took a different approach. President Barak Obama, finally, on the the 23rd of June, officially “condemned” the violence against the protestors. To understand the extent of the violence against its people, and the brutal way in which this totalitarian “democracy” handles protests, visit and the support the work of Iran Human Rights. As to the U.S. response, a blind eye was turned in favor of the Iranian Regime.

Photo from the 2nd day of protests in Iran in 2009 - peaceful demonstrators beaten, no word from U.S. - image: Gaurdian UK

Egypt is another story entirely, and although understanding that these are two entirely different types of governments, with Egypts elections pending in September of this year, both the U.S. Media and the Obama administration appear to be formally behind these protests. Obama has taken an active role in offering support to the protestors, and booting the current President, Mubarak,to the proverbial curb. The protestors, some of which are students, are not content to wait for elections, rather are attempting to force President Mubarak to resign and leave the country.

Who is in the middle of this push to remove Mubarak - The Muslim Brotherhood. They are an organization based on Jihad, which had been banned in Egypt for multiple terrorist acts, including the assassination of former President, Sadat.

Further, in June of 2009 President Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to attend a speech he gave in Cairo. (An excellent treatment of that visit here at

The Muslim Brotherhood, it should be noted, has ties to Iran, and the Iranians are now making their judgments on the protests in Egypt and elsewhere : Ahmadinejad is supportive of these particular protestors, and looks for the overthrow of the current President, in order to spread this type of “revolution” across the Middle East. Of course, cast in their usual role as evil infidels: The U.S. and Israel. In addition, Ahmadinejad is fairly confident (given the aid these protestors in Egypt are getting from, of all places, the United States), is again,calling for the usual to remove Israel from the Middle East, and not reserving kind words for the U.S. Those protestors in Egypt, students and the Muslim Brotherhood, are apparently fine with both Ahmadinejad and, it appears, the U.S. under the guidance of one Barrack, James Earl Carter, Obama.

One has to ask: has the world gone mad? When legitimate peaceful protests took place in Iran, the brutality of the regime was ignored by the press, condemned halfheartedly and late by the administration. The resultant outcome of those Iranians brave enough to protest an election (which, may or may not have been legitimate, and asking only for freedom and democracy) death or imprisonment. The protestors were peaceful, the regime was insanely brutal. In Egypt on the other hand, the regime does not have a stellar human rights record, however, in this wise, students and an Obama approved Islamic Jihadist organization have every right to oust a President before his term is up. From this point of view, it is all or nothing, it is black and white, it is as plain as the nose on ones face: peaceful student protests in Iran, were given short-shrift by the U.S., while violent demonstrations in Egypt, where, should Egypt become an Islamic state (and that outcome aided by Obama’s legitimization of the Muslim Brotherhood (must like Carter vis a vis, the Ayatollah in 1978), are given the full attention of both the Media and the President. Understanding that journalists were targeted by the Egyptian regime, who were embedded in the middle of the protests, (putting themselves in harm’s way), perhaps giving more reason for the U.S.Press to side with the President over the regime. However, the fact remains that Mubarak had controlled the spread of the cult of radical Islam in Egypt, thereby stabilizing in part the Middle East. Now as a result of the interference, the entire Middle East may be lost to the stone ages. (Again refer to the documentation provided by Iran Human Rights.). What is imperative to keep in mind, the only true democracy in the Middle East is the State of Israel, an ally to the United States, and one which, always is made to be the pariah, regardless of their attempts at peace, and their national right to exist peacefully in a region beset by the insanity of Iran and now, with Obama’s aid and comfort,quite possibly Egypt and other states that are being aided by the Muslim Brotherhood.

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