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Obama Radio Address – Look away from the Protest Images! Don’t be Dismayed – U.S. Flag burning in 21 Nations - Obama – Damage Control.

Anti-U.S. Sentiment Grows - Burning of U.S. Flag - Image: AFP

From: AisiaOne (Singapore) via the AFP, In President Obama’s weekly address to the nation:

US President Barack Obama urged Americans Saturday not to be disheartened by images of anti-American violence in the Islamic world, expressing confidence that the ideals of freedom America stands for will ultimately prevail.
"I know the images on our televisions are disturbing," Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address. "But let us never forget that for every angry mob, there are millions who yearn for the freedom, and dignity, and hope that our flag represents."

Of course, with cable TV News channels available in almost every household in the U.S. that may be a bit of a stretch, including the fact that it is disheartening with not one, but 21 nations are up in arms, attacking not only U.S. interests (embassies), but also German Embassies (Reuters). One has to ask what the Germans did; other than not adhere to the principles of Radical Islam and the desire of the proponents of said “religion” wishing to take over the world. Apparently, it is not only the U.S. that is maligned but the West itself (or any nation not under Islamic rule). The fact that the White House and the U.S. Press continues the narrative of blaming a simple (and badly produced) video that insults “Mohammed” is beyond comprehension of anyone with a pulse. Understanding that radicals spring from any religion and that they do not represent the “norm” (in most cases), historically, there was no film available when the radical Ayatollah, in response to President Carters offer of Peace, promptly stormed the U.S. Embassy, killed diplomats, kidnapped the balance and held them hostage until the day Reagan was inaugurated in January of 1981. Said hostages were immediately released as they eyed a strong leader rather than a paper tiger.

To suggest that reason will prevail and that the U.S. population should not be concerned about violence targeting the U.S. in 21 countries around the world, spreading from the Middle East to Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Europe., (Whiz-bang) is a bit of a stretch as the Administration/Campaign is finding damage control difficult.

The fact that the short narrative insulting Mohammed was produced by a Coptic Christian (Washington Post)should also be considered more relevant than the film itself – because the Coptic Christians in Egypt have enjoyed terrorism, murder and more since the Obama administration backed Muslim Brotherhood government took over. (See Egypts-Coptic-Christians Mark Christmas in Fear” . Not a peep out of the White House or U.S. news that Christians are being murdered in nations that adhere to the Religion of Peace.

The Presidents suggestion that images of attacks against the U.S. be ignored by the U.S. population, especially since the WH narrative continues to employ the “film” excuse is not going to fly. In the politically correct world of the elites, yes, it may, but in the real world of every day American’s many of whom are Christian of one sect or another – the fact that riots, and flag burning don’t take place every time the Pope or a Minister or church leader or “Holy Image” is lampooned, is not lost on, for lack of a better word, sane population. There are comparisons to be made between eh civilized Western World and the Insanity of the nations to which the President wishes to engage in a dialogue of peace!

It’s a lovely thought, however, as much as one would love to see world peace, President Obama is not Miss America – and should, by virtue of education, know better. Ideologically speaking, it is a wonderful idea that is grounded in the very Christian concept that when one treats others as they themselves want to be treated, all will be well. Normally the case, unless of course, the group one is treating with respect, harbors a centuries old desire to convert or kill, and then control the property upon which one resides.

One suggestion that might have improved the situation immediately: Pull foreign aid from nations who aren’t getting the message, (obviously not England, or other European Nations, nor Israel, where these “protestors” (marauding hordes is more appropriate), are happily burning the U.S. flag and replacing said flag with the Flag of Islam.

Or perhaps ones might remove the rose colored glasses, actually read the intelligence briefs, and go “Forward” from said White House with more confidence (not apparent in the last week), and a bit more “chutzpah” (Perhaps he should actually meet more frequently with Benjamin Netanyahu). Although yes, the military (ships and marines) have been deployed to the area, it has been done without a confident threat to those who would harm American’s abroad, or for that matter, one who does not read intelligent briefs due to a scheduling conflict with a reelection campaign, may not understand that the rash of hysteria across U.S. Campuses yesterday due to bomb scares might have something to do with those “images” of the U.S. Flag being burned by radical Islamist in 21 countries.

The statement to the American Public made by an Administration in Damage Control was inherently weak and does nothing to instill confidence, either at home or aboard.

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