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Benjamin Netanyahu Attacked U.S. Press for Trying to Influence U.S. Elections – Boxer (D-CA) Joins In – Israel’s Right to Defend Itself of No Concern

Netanyahu Shown the Back Door - image:

Politics First with Obama Administration/Campaign

Benjamin Netanyahu has no easy task trying to keep his nation as safe as possible from a rabid Iran and Iranian backed Hezbollah, let alone trying to get an audience with the U.S. President, or any sign of moral support from the U.S. administration as tensions in the Mideast are at the breaking point. To add insult to injury, Democrat Senator, Barbara Boxer, took pen to paper and wrote Netanyahu a scathing letter: From the Jerusalem Post:

In an unusual public display of criticism from an influential member of the US Senate, California Democrat Barbara Boxer wrote a letter to Netanyahu Wednesday to express “my deep disappointment over your remarks that call into question our country’s support for Israel.” She went on to describe them as “utterly contrary to the extraordinary United States- Israel alliance.”

Boxer’s letter, made public, calls on Netanyahu to “step back and clarify your remarks so that the world sees that there is no daylight between the United States and Israel.”

Senator Boxer apparently has missed what the public has not – there has been a deepening rift between the U.S. and Israel for the past four years – the first sign of trouble between the two nations began with the Presidents trip to the Middle East in 2009, with the primary intent of strengthening relationships with the “Muslim” world, while propping and legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood, he found no time to sprint over to Israel for a meet and greet. (CNN) Of course, he had no visited Israel since he has stepped foot in the Oval Office. It matters not that Israel is the only other Democracy in the world that is not fledgling or falling apart at the seams. It matters not that the Iranian Ayatollahs and their puppet president, continually call for the destruction of Israel. It matters not that as the U.S. embassies around the world burn, the President could find no time to meet with the PM of Israel; rather he had other scheduled engagements of more import – an appearance on David Letterman’s late night nut fest. Apparently, what matters to Boxer and to the Administration is that everything appears normalized, even though it is not, so that they maintain a voter bloc – those in the U.S. who are Jewish and or see our ally Israel as – an ally and friend.

What is most ridiculous is that a Prime Minister, of a nation who is an ally of the U.S., on a trip to the U.N. in the U.S., on a mission to prevent war and save his nation, is further harangued for his efforts by the U.S. Media who, dedicated as they are to the President, suggest that the motive of Netanyahu was not one of Israel’s preservation, but to interfere in American Politics!

More from the Post

Joe Klein of Time called Netanyahu’s recent behavior “outrageous,” as well as “an unprecedented attempt by a putative American ally to influence a US presidential campaign.”

Similarly, David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, wrote that “Netanyahu seems determined, more than ever, to alienate the president of the United States and, as an ally of Mitt Romney’s campaign, to make himself a factor in the 2012 election.”
Though Remnick and Klein were addressing Netanyahu’s actions on Iran, the charge that Netanyahu was interfering in the presidential race intensified when Israeli officials on Tuesday afternoon leaked that a request to meet with Obama during the prime minister’s visit to the US at the end of the month had been turned down.

Those that are so blind they cannot see the forest through the trees, would have said the same regardless of who the GOP challenger was, or for that matter, anyone seen as challenging the President would come under fire – even a man who is seeking help for his nation, which is surrounded by his enemies!

So what if Romney is correct and the Obama Administration is always the last out of the gate when it comes to making a decision. Perhaps if the President had the time to read or react to intelligence briefings only days before U.S. embassies came under attack, (Independent:UK) or those intelligence briefs available weeks prior to the attacks and unrest in the Middles East ( noting that something was afoot - something may have been done!

The Canadian’s must have something on Iran, enough to pull their people out of Iran and kick the Iranian emissaries out of Canada (CBC – Canadian Broadcast). Therefore, if the Canadians, our northern neighbors, have this type of intelligence and are worried about Iran, how much more concerned should Netanyahu be for his nation, which borders Iran!!

How despicably partisan are those who would attack a man who is trying to preserve his nation, a nation which has been our ally, at times our only ally, over the years, and blame him for attempting to “interfere in a political contest” by stating the truth!! One would have to live under a rock right now, to not know that the President has consistently dismissed Israel, and the Delhi Lama for that matter (a man of Peace). The President’s inability to choose correctly between a campaign appearance and an intelligence briefing is to blame for his own blaringly apparent ineptitude and subsequent disgust of the American electorate (let alone the economy) who remember the Iranian Hostage Crisis under Jimmy Carter! Netanyahu could have been on the moon and Romney would have made a statement that made sense: one supports their friends, and their enemies, not so much. (Personal translation), and somehow the press would have put two and two together to come up with three (they no longer teach math to par in the U.S.) a glaringly obvious problem.

In this opinion, Netanyahu and the Israeli people have every right to protect themselves. They also deserve the respect of the U.S. administration, no matter how ridiculously handicapped in areas of foreign policy, the Administration, one would think, would at least be polite to the nation that is consistently threatened with annihilation. As the Press continues its narrative that the whole world is exploding over a you-tube movie, parodying Mohammed, which a badly made film by one person who resides in the U.S. is enough to compel the native populations of Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tunisia, to attack American Embassies, protest in the street, murder American Citizens. These same elite belie the point that the these same nations, under the name of the same “religion” have no greater desire than to take out the “Little Satan” (Israel) and the Big Satan (the U.S.) so that they may do what their religion demands: kill the infidel, convent the unbeliever to Islam and amass territory in the name of Islam. The badly made and idiotic movie is not the impetuous for this continuous Dark Ages assault, it is only that the radical Muslims are adhering to their “party line” If one had a history book and were able to read, one would find that this has been the stated goal since the religion was formed as a way to unite the Arab Tribes by a General who saw religion as a unifying force, the use of which, would facilitate a larger territory and eventual world conquest.

Jimmy Carter found that to be true (although deniable) when his aid to the radical Ayatollah in overthrowing a stable Persian King in Iran, resulted, not in peace, but in a conflict that was to last until Israel and the U.S. were destroyed. To watch these events unfolding a second time in a lifetime is mind-boggling, but not as mind-boggling as the Administrations obvious dismissal of one nation that is our ally(NYTimes), especially in their time of need.

To reiterate: (The Globe and Mail – November 8, 2011:

U.S. President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy were caught on an open microphone making comments in a private conversation about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "I can't bear Netanyahu, he's a liar," Mr. Sarkozy told Mr. Obama, who replied: "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day." They were both unaware that microphones in the meeting room were on. It would not be the first time politicians were unaware of the open microphone.

The Delai Lama shown the Back Door - image polifrogblog

CNN updated 03 29 2012 – Title: Tiebetans’Cries for Help: refers to 2010 incident:

The Dalai Lama, who has achieved rock star status in much of the world, has done much to rally the West to his cause. But his effort only goes so far. Given China's increasing economic clout, even President Obama tried to avoid upsetting the Chinese government on the Tibet issue. When the Dalai Lama visited the president in 2010, he had to leave the White House through a back door -- in front of garbage bags -- to lower the profile of the visit.

Flashback June 2009

The Seattle Times Title: Some militants respond positively to Obama speech”

In his speech in Cairo Thursday, Obama listed confronting "violent extremism" as the top priority in addressing tensions between the U.S. and Muslims. He urged the Islamic world to reject radical ideologies and promised to work aggressively to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He also said the U.S. does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement in the West Bank and endorsed a Palestinian state.
There are already some indications his words are having the desired effect of undercutting extremists. A militant leader in Egypt called on the Taliban to respond positively to Obama's gestures, and Hamas militants in Gaza say they are ready "to build on this speech."


Obama Makes Time for Letterman but not for Israeli PM Netanyahu” - The Examiner

Perhaps Barbara Boxer cannot recall events that happened 30 or 40 years ago, but surely has the capacity to recall what has taken place in the past four years. Shame on her and shame on the pandering, so called journalist who see political opportunism where there is none, while being political opportunist for the Administration.

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