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Gingrich Book Tours on Campaign Trail Irks Media, Flashback 2007- Obama Book Sales on Campaign Raked in 4.2 million – Media Political Bias Much?

Newt Gingrich at recent book signing, image: the desert news

The APvia CBS:

(AP) WASHINGTON — Newt Gingrich loves selling himself — both as a presidential hopeful and as a for-profit author.

As he seeks the GOP nomination, the former House speaker has combined the traditional political campaigning with the frequent sales job for his books and films that have earned him millions. As his rivals on Friday scheduled busy days with voters in early nominating states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, Gingrich planned a single public event: a book signing a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol.

Gingrich, enjoying a surge in the polls just a month before the first nominating contests are held, prides himself on his non-traditional campaign style. It isn't clear whether it will pay off politically. But it certainly has not hurt his personal income.

In reading the above, one would believe Gingrich is a narcissist who, although on the camp gin trail for the GOP Presidential Nomination, is somehow less worthy for selling a few books – one has to question why this is a big deal? Book sales have become part of almost every candidate’s arsenal, especially when Presidential Campaigns hurt politicians financially in some cases.

Gingrich, or Mitt Romney for that matter, are not the only politicians to shill for personal income while on the campaign trail, however, there was less media focus on candidates depending upon party affiliation.

There are few images of Obama actualy ineracting with the pubilc at a book-singing, this from where the books are still for sale

In 2007, then senator Obama, released his book, went on Ophra, and enlisted the aid of that woman’s ability to sell books, and then he personally went on tour: from the Sun Times: “Obama Hitting the Road for Book Tour” This book tour contributed to the President’s personal income of 4.2 million made in 2007 The New York Times.

On the one hand, if one is a Republican and one signs books during the primary/caucus season it is somehow horrid! However, if one is a Democrat, then that income is glorified, and that individual lauded by the press.

Part and parcel of the story on the Gingrich Book Singing in Washington DC is a question posed by the AP of Gingrich throwing away time in Iowa or NH or SC where he might be better served garnering votes. It is a gamble, of course, this close to the caucus date, but that is a decision that is made by the Gingrich camp, much in the same manner, then Senator Obama hit the trail in primary states where Clinton had the lead, selling his book, and increasing his personal income. Other candidates that have hawked books while on the campaign trail are too numerous - but include off the top: Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas (2008 Presidential Campaign), Mitt Romney, former one term Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (wrote two, one released in 2007 and one in 2010 (Amazon), Clinton’s written Books, John Edwards wrote books, the later all well-received by the press.

It has, therefore, before common place for those seeking a higher office, to write a book, or have a ghost author say Bill Ayers, write a book, and use that as a stepping stone, and or focal point of a political campaign, while increasing personal wealth, which may help stave off campaign debt, depending on how well received the book may be. It’s actually a conservative idea, fiscally sound, to gainfully employ oneself during a campaign.
However, it would behoove the press to remember that way back in 2008, other candidates had books to sell, while on the campaign trail, (on their websites, through talk show hosts, and appearance on the talk shows, at state fairs, and at $10,000 a plate campaign dinners fundraisers. Its part and parcel the same, and all should be treated equally.

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