Monday, March 08, 2010

Saturday Night Live Video Parodies Realities of Health Care Reform – Obama, Reid & Pelosi The Targets

Saturday Night Lives skit this weekend on Health Care Reform (see You Tube Video below), featured “Obama” flanked by “Pelosi” and “Reid”, the gist: Health Care Reform is so unpopular, but Obama feels he is so popular, that he won’t have any fallout (politically) from the “unpopular” bill. The word “unpopular” is used with some regularity during the skit – specifically when it comes to Harry Reid, who, in the Skit, and real life, has dismal ratings in Nevada. According to the latest polls from Real Clear Politics Reid is bested by either of the Republican candidates going into the primary by double digits. Nothing short of a miracle will send Reid back to the Senate in November.

When speaking of Pelosi’s chances of re-election, the Skit notes that she is considered safe, because Republican’s come in 4th in the district, behind “homeless people” and “Dominatrix’s”. Apparently, those script writers have been too busy to research the District lately, where John Dennis, a Republican, is making significant headway ( From a somewhat snarky article in the San Francisco Weekly one gets the impression that there may be trouble in Pelosi’s backyard.

Pelosi, perhaps more so than Reid, has baggage at home that makes her vulnerable – not the least of which was the embarrassing CIA debacle (in which it appeared Pelosi may have been lying when she decried knowledge of torture - That is a big hurdle to overcome with her base of supporters. Add to that, one gets the impression that Nancy is not all that popular on her home turf – (from comments made on articles in the Bay Area) – just like most Massachusetts races (in the past), polling for Pelosi’s seat is a not even considered – unless, and until the focus on Dennis in the district becomes so hot, that Rasmussen and the rest will poll (See late polling on Scott Brown). However, no one throws good money after bad just to make a point, and in districts like the Mass. 4th and the California 8th, there is an investment taking place. It’s not millions, (yet) but it is enough, so far, to run ads introducing the candidates that will take a stand against long-standing politicians like Pelosi and Frank.

Also of interest in the Los Angeles Times article today, entitled Health Care Overhaul comes down to Obama and Pelosi, a piece on Obama’s final (one should not bet on that) push for Health Care Reform, and Nancy Pelosi’s aid in that endeavor.

How popular is Health Care Reform? From Rasmussen: “55% Say Congress Should Start over on Health Care”>, with other local pollsters showing similar scenarios.

As to Obama’s popularity – it appears that the writers, again, have failed to look to the polls, although given a comparative between the Speaker and the Majority Leader, Obama appears to be a Rock Star, with polls showing approval ratings just under 50% Real Clear Politics, polling on the President Obama Job Approval. A second term, at this point, (and granted it is early in the game) seems highly unlikely – more likely, Obama will be joining Reid and quite possibly Pelosi in forced retirement.

Saturday Night Live Skit on Obama, Pelosi and Reid Health Care Reform Unpopular


Chuck said...

I think Pelosi losing to a Republican in San Francisco is one of the few impossibilities left. It just seems as if there is a safe seat, hers is it. If she were to lose, there would be a loss by Dems never seen in the US.

I am surprised though that a Dem hasn't stepped up to challenge her in the Primary. That could be a loss for her.

I think the most likely scenario is the Speakership is gone, whether the Dems lose the House or not. They would have to maintain the seats they have now or add to them for her to keep her seat, both very unlikely. She has always had enemies in her own party and I think if they lose a lot of seats but keep a narrow hold on the House she will get the blame (well deserved IMHO) and someone will challenge her and take the Speakership away from her.

Tina Hemond said...

Hi Chuck, you do realize that the same was said of the "Kennedy Seat" - You have to look at the district, it's not just San Fransico. The good news is that she may not try very hard to defend her seat - the same thing happenned here - which was a decision that may have cost Coakley the election (although, I honestly believe that it was the brand, and not the woman that lost).

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