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The Ethical Reasons Why Eric Massa Should Not Have Resigned His Congressional Seat

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Yesterday at 5:00 pm, Eric Massa, Democrat, resigned his 29th District Congressional Seat. He did so, in part, because he was under a congressional ethics investigation. Apparently, the Junior Congressman had sexually harassed a male staffer at an event – so the question follows – how is that any different from several key Democrats who’ve had ethics complaints against them – for decades? Take recently dismissed Charles Rangel, who held onto his Chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee while under the cloud of tax issues and most recently, a corporate kickback of one trip to the Caribbean, which was, apparently, too much for Pelosi to endure. Then there’s Massachusetts 4th district’s, Barney Frank, who, in 1989, hired a male prostitute as a “companion” and “household employee”, who then ran a prostitution ring out of Frank’s home , allegedly unbeknownst to Frank. He endured calls for his resignation, and yet today he is the Chair of the powerful House Finance Committee. So, while Eric Massa had a bit too much to drink at a party, and basically made an off the cuff remark to a male staffer, which constituted Sexual Harassment, he must be banished.  Massa is a card-carrying member of the same party, the party that turns its back when one of its favored members is pulling one egregious stunt after another, protecting and defending them till the last vote is cast.

Something is fishy here, and Massa’s claims that he was set-up and pushed out because he refused to play ball with the Obama administration is more probable than not, given party history of ethics. In fact, the Democrats are treating Eric Massa just like a Republican! Recall any Republican who had an infidelity of any sort in the past two decades and the calls for ethics investigations and resignations came first from the Democrats. The word hypocrite is strongly advised as an adjective in this case.

Then Massa called it like it was, on radio, letting the world, or whoever would listen, know that he was pushed out because he refused to vote for Obama’s Health Care Reform Plan. He even had a visit from Rham Emanuel, while in the shower. (Politico). Massa alleges that Rham came at him in the shower, yelling, and himself naked – it is not just a circus in Washington now, it is a shambles. Democrat members of the house now understand that if they don’t vote for health care, they may have to face a naked and angry Rham Emanuel – that will be sure to change a vote or two.

It’s a matter of principle and it’s a matter of backbone, so, when Eric Massa came out and let the world know what had taken place, he should have stayed right where he was, in his seat, until November, but he didn’t. Massa promptly resigned, giving rise to speculation that the shower visit from Emanuel may have been followed up by other threats.  It's time the nation saw another Nathan Hale. If not Massa, then who will rise to the occasion?

Now, Massa’s had been called into question by an ethics investigation as early as February (reported by Politico). His aides were grilled for over 3 hours and the gist of the questioning was whether or not the Congressman was gay. Now, not for nothing, but Barney Frank is openly gay, but he’s a standard bearer for the party, so what is the problem here? Eric Massa would not play ball with Barack Obama.

As conservatives embrace Massa because of his outing of the Administration, Democrats (no less)warn that they should be not be too hasty ) and certain Conservative Talking Heads, are joining in  - with the “sky is falling”, beware, of ethics violations and possible conspiracy theories rhetoric dished up by the Democats in charge.

That’s the disconnect with the public – whereas a Congressman who may or may not have done anything specifically wrong by Congressional Standards (Democrat), resigns and then tells all, in hopes of stopping a health care fiasco pushed by the President, is being turned into a pariah of sorts by both the left and the extreme right. It’s easy to Monday morning quarterback, and one cannot know all the facts (just those that trickle down).  However, it is also glaringly apparent that this man went out to let the world know what had taken place because he did not want to go with the Obama flow. Given the use of the word “thug” in conjunction with the administration on a fairly consistent basis from Right of Conservative Talking Heads, one has to give this guy points for standing up and speaking out. One also has to wonder, again, what threats he endured to actually resign his seat.

It is far too easy to cast aspersions on what amounts to a “whistle blower”, what boggles the mind is that, to date, few are coming to his defense against a backdrop of a Congress that holds so many corrupt in its embrace. It is not so much that Massa was “disgraced”; it was more that a message was sent to the rest of the Democrats in Congress, one that is clear and without doubt; either stand with us, or pay the price.

Without Massa coming out, so to speak, the public would not be aware of the alleged tactics used by this administration. With that in mind, he has given the media that cares one whit, the option of keeping close tabs on all of the Democrat Congressional Representatives who previously had voted no on this health care bill, and who suddenly change their minds, either by threat or by bribery (see Ben Nelson). Either way, it casts a very dark shadow over the administration. In this instance, its determination to run a bill through both houses, one that is not wanted by the American Public, but what of future plans?

In historical terms, this November will be the most critical of all mid-term elections. Should the house or the senate remain in concert with the administration, the health care reform package may be the least of our concerns, as the tax and spend rampage will undoubtedly continue unabated. Although his scenario is highly unlikely, (given the current polls), Eric Massa made it extremely clear, that all American’s should take a hard at where we are, and where we could be. Should the Congress flip, and nothing be done for two years, it would be in the best interest of the nation.


Chuck said...

The thing that is fascinating, and adds credence to your claim, is that the House leadership knew for awhile that this was going on and kept quiet. Now all of a sudden they want him to resign? One has to assume it is because they thought, for awhile, that they could flip his vote. Once they found out he couldn't they threw him under the bus.

The flaw in the plan is the Drudge Report and Fox. The media would cover for them but Drudge and Fox are getting the whole story out. This will get it into the public, at least the public that is not so far to the left that their only news source is MSNBC. I think it will be another embarrassment for them.

Tina Hemond said...

HI Chuck, you do understand that the "media" is already spinning it - this is priceless - ABC News Massa Drama: Democratic Congressman Muddles Rahm's Message"

First the Senate told staffers not to go near the Drudge, due to a virus - seriously. Fox has great coverage here on Massa.

It's out there, where people are watching.

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