Monday, September 01, 2014

Beating Up on Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) –What if a Politician has a mind of their own?

Elizabeth Warren, Senator (D-MA) image from Elizabeth

Elizabeth Warren, known as the darling of the left, apparently has a mind of her own – shame on her. Warren recently suggested that Israel has the right to defend itself, even if that means, should Hamas be hiding bombs in schools and mosques, Israel is right in bombing said building – the left went- insane (Huffington Post).

It is not so much that this blogger would agree with Warren on most issues, but the Senator from Massachusetts has this issue spot on – good for her.

Not too long after the fact that the Senator has some sense of independence from the “herd”, the Boston Globe published ”Federal Agency that Elizabeth Warren Helped Found Rife with discrimination against employees” Obviously, to the Globe, being in on the ground game of an agency makes on complicit it its’ continuing issues. Apparently, the Globe was unaware that Warren, at one point, was one of “those” Republicans! (ABC News)

When one “shops” political parties, left to right, or vice versa, it is generally because on it either a)an opportunist (like so many politicians) or b) genuinely fed up and seeking an alternative – something “different”. Perhaps, Warren might be interested in what the Libertarian’s are about next? Or at best become “unenrolled” from any major party, like the majority of voters from the Commonwealth she represents.

Either way, one might see more articles of the attack nature, given Warren disavowed a run for the Progressive Wing of the Democrat Party in 2016. In few words: Good for her.

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