Monday, March 10, 2014

The Resurgence of Liberty – CPAC - a Winning Message

In the years that one may or may not have paid a great deal of attention to the annual CPAC Convention, it has appeared mainly centric GOP – something has changed and that change is an overwhelming rejection of the status quo by those speakers who may or may not have Presidential aspirations.

The speeches by Paul, Palin, Cruz, Perry and several other keynote’s were impressive and inspiring to those who have always been to the side of Libertarian, one heard the word Constitutionalist quite a bit.

The individual who appears to have won most of the hearts and minds is one Senator Rand Paul, winning the straw poll handily. (Boston Globe) One thing is certain, he is a stronger candidate for 2016 than his father – appealing to a wide range of liberty minded individuals, from Jeffersonian Republicans to those on the left of center who appreciate someone who is not a fan of Government overreach – especially into one’s private life.

Further indication of Paul’s intention was the recent defection of the Iowa State GOP chair to run his PAC while noting that there has been a shift in the Iowa GOP – away from the mainstream GOP(WFMZ – CNN Article)

Should one think that these Liberty minded individuals have not caught the rank and file GOP of the Washington elite, one might pick up the WaPost, Jennifer Rubin’s musing on CPAC , although she does not, obviously, suggest Cruz, Paul or Palin, she does not wail about a disconnect, and notes that the three she does mention (Christie, Rubio and Perry) were speaking to a more liberty minded group and, in her opinion, had done very well. Oddly the Washington elite favor Christie, most likely for his ability to be more Democrat at times than Republican, that said, the model, will no longer “fly”.

Suffice it to say, that as the mid-terms near, and as Palin reminded the establishment of which party brought them the majority (Tea versus GOP), the same fervor of 2010 is alive and kicking, with apparently little allegiance to the standard Washington elite. She was brilliant in her speech, as was Perry, Cruz and especially Paul.

Although it is too early in the political process, and straw polls, being paid participant polls are not exactly bellwethers, it is a first where the appeal of the players is more broad than in the past – to those disenfranchised Democrats and especially Republican’s who lean towards Libertarian roots.

About time.

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