Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sarah Palin On the Boston Commons – Democrats Plan Counter-Protests to Liberty Speech, plan to “Dress Well”

Tea Party Protest in Atlanta 2009, drew 15,000 to 20,000 image: altermdia
Sarah Palinis making a stop in Boston on Wednesday, April 14. Palin is the keynote speaker for the Tea Party Express stop on the Boston Commons. The rally, according to the Boston Globe, will draw “several thousand activists to Boston, where, according to local Massachusetts Democrat union leaders Palin does not belong. Apparently, not unlike “the Kennedy Seat”, the Bay State, belongs to the Democrats and their Unions. The fact that Scott Brown managed to take back the “people’s seat” has been lost on those in denial. What is more generally missed is that it was not so much Brown who was elected, but the people who were sending a message to the rest of the country from the land where David Axelrod test drove Obama’s election with his protégée Deval Patrick. Residents of Massachusetts saw the writing on the wall, well in advance of November 2008, and as the year progressed, and taxes on everything from dogs to satellite TV appeared, the proverbial straw broke that camel’s back. Palin does indeed belong in Massachusetts, as does anyone with a message that is pro-liberty and anti-tax. It is, after all, known as the “Cradle of Liberty, rather than the “birthplace of the Progressive-socialist agenda.”

In the interest of “fairness”, a counter protest to the “Tea Party Movement” is being planned by by a Kathleen Toomey, who used Facebook to attract 300 “anti-Tea Party protestors”. The gist of Ms. Toomey’s protest against the tea party – fashion – her group will be wearing “beautiful clothing” in order to highlight the fact that Tea Party Activists are not especially well-dressed. (In the world of Boston liberals, dressing well, apparently trumps intellect. Other counter-protests are planned, according to several sources, but the question remains, what on earth are they protesting - personal liberty, freedom from government and taxation? That’s about right for the Massachusetts DNC, and the Progressives that feel any form of small government, less taxes messages are over-the-top and should be censored.

That said, what is of interest is the crowd estimate of “several thousand” – Palin, who has drawn crowds average 10,000 plus at each of the Tea Party events, should be able to hold her own in Boston – When the sitting President, Barak Obama, goes to Portland, ME (an hour drive) he is able to draw at least a crowd – how large of a crowd – no-one’s talking. Articles from Boston to Maine put no estimate on the “crowds” that were there to see the President; rather emphasis is placed on the fact that there was a “crowd”. Which may be why Ms. Toomey and her 300 well-dressed pro-tax group feel the need to show up and protest – it is after all, in today’s world a popularity contest.

The reality is that no-one knows how large a crowd will be on the common on a Wed. morning in April to hear Palin or to participate in the Tea Party Express Rally. The fact that Massachusetts alone has Tea Party groups organized across the Commonwealth is lost on most media, as is the fact that Boston is accessible to every New England State, where, one can bet, there may be Tea Party Activists who are planning on attending.

Regardless of the size of the crowd (which remains to be seen), the change in the Bay State towards government intervention and taxation is palpable. As the 2010 Congressional Races offer opportunities for incumbents to retire, (90% of the Congressional seats are up for re-election), a Tax Day Tea Party with Palin as a speaker is the least of the Massachusetts DNC problems. The brand, in Massachusetts and elsewhere has been tainted with the spend and tax tar-brush, and that will stick until, as the signs say, the people “Kick the Bums Out” (via the polling booth).

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