Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Homeland Security – Investigating “Right-Wing” American Citizens – Paranoia Reaches New Heights

Dept. of Homeland Security Terrorists - photo: Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary

The recent “Threat Assessment” issued to local law enforcement by the Department of Homeland Security, focuses on several factors that are, at the very least, a bit ridiculous. To be fair, it is one thing for law enforcement to look at groups such as so called “White-Supremacists”, and keep an eye on say, actual known individuals who may or may not blow up a local government office, (in the report) but their list includes some “criteria” that is insulting to the average citizen, to say the least. Several of those deemed as “possible recruits” (threat to national security) in this report, would be more inclined to form a “revolution at the polling booth” than attack the government. The list includes extremist positions such as those who are pro-life, those who own guns, those who have lost jobs, and might blame the President and icing on the cake, those returning from active duty in the military (they may be in danger of being recruited by one of these “radical groups”). Full Report Here

One would think that a coordinated effort between ACORN and the Department of Homeland Security would be more in order, in the event any of these radicals attempt to vote a particularly left of center government out of office in the 2010.

This report is akin to telling the American populous, “If you hold a belief contrary to the current administrations, you’re being watched.” This is shades of J. Edgar Hoover – in spades, or more to the point, paranoid.

From what this report reads, most of the nation should be under scrutiny – Catholics who are pro-choice, and hunt for example, may be on the list (especially if one blogs or is otherwise vocal in the community), add a recent job loss, or be a returning military, and one might find a green sedan parked outside one’s home from time to time.

Terrorist on US Soil - photo: Militant Islam

Would it not be better, for example, for those in a position to protect American’s from threats, to take a harder look at those groups that are actually terrorists and are actively working in the United States – say Hammas. There are several reports that training camps have been set-up in Virginia, however, due to the fact that these individuals may be of a certain Religious affiliation; to monitor their activity or to release reports to local police regarding their profiles, would be: profiling!

In all seriousness, what the administration has done is give radio talk show hosts, such as Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, another boost in ratings. In addition, those millions that are being reached each day by the aforementioned will be voting to ensure that the focus of the Department of Homeland Security is on credible threats, not on citizens who may disagree with policy.


EatYourOkra said...

Pro Life Catholics and Baptists are on the To Watch list but we're ignoring Hammas in our own backyard. This administration is incompetent!

Tina Hemond said...

Okra, could not agree with you more! -

Chuck said...

What Okra said. Too much irony. Funny part is we are being called paranoid for speaking out against it.

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