Friday, April 03, 2009

Deval Patrick Plans Second Run for Governor – Despite Many Missteps and Dismal Poll Showings

Massachusetts Governor,Deval Patrick (D), has voiced is intent to run for second term in 2010, despite his administrations multiple missteps and sliding poll ratings. Recent polls have the governor approval rating at 28%, and the chances of that number improving over the next year is unlikely, given the controversy surrounding several unpopular steps taken by the administration.

The most notable is the ongoing debate over the Massachusetts Gas Tax; Patrick originally asked for a .19 cent per gallon increase in the state gasoline tax, which would have Massachusetts residents paying the highest gas tax in the nation. The backlash to the tax comes from both Massahcusetts”> business leaders, as well as the general public. A recent petition signed by over 16,000 Massachusetts residents (Western Mass), was handed to Lieutenant Governor, Tim Murry.

Why the tax increase? To cover salaries for the corrupt and embattled MBTA, and ostensibly to repair roads and bridges in the state – those familiar with the behemoth of bureaucracy that is the MBTA, understand that any past increases have resulted in higher salaries and few improvements in the highways and byways – the infamous Big Dig is one of the projects.

Patrick’s most recent gaffe is the hiring of individuals for government positions at high salaries – most notable – the recent hire of State Sen. Marion Walsh (D), to a position with a salary of $175,000, which Walsh declined due to the uproar in the Bay State.

What is most upsetting to Massachusetts residents is the dismal economy in the state, increases in taxes and fees on an ongoing basis, loss of jobs due to the states high corporate taxes, and the constant threat of budget cuts from the corner office crying poor. The same office who consistently creates positions for “friends” at higher than average salaries – and then describes the outcry over press coverage of his boondoggles as ”trivial”.

Most of the Pressure on the Governors’ decisions to consistently pad the Sate Payroll, has been brought by Massachusetts GOP Chair, Jennifer Nassour: (On the recent Walsh Hiring)

MassGOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour said, "The Massachusetts Republican Party stood up for the taxpayers by protesting the creation of a patronage job for a supporter of Governor Patrick, and we are pleased that Senator Walsh has done the right thing by refusing the appointment. This absurd process has taught us, once again, that we cannot rely on the Patrick Administration to seek real, meaningful reform on Beacon Hill. Unbelievably, Governor Patrick still contends HEFA set the proposed salary at $175,000, when emails from his own staff clearly show a Governor's Office determined to give Senator Walsh a $100,000 pay raise."

"Attention should now be turned to rooting out waste and inefficiency throughout government in order to relieve the tax burden on working families. Thousands of people lost their jobs last month, and I call on the Governor to work as hard at creating jobs for those people as he did at creating a job for a political ally," concluded Nassour”

According to the poll (here), Patrick could face defeat in 2010 from just about anyone, regardless of Party affiliation; the consensus appears that Patrick must go. To borrow a phrase from Patrick’s campaign, Massachusetts is saying “Yes We Can” boot you to the curb.

Lest anyone forget: This is Deval Patrick's Campaign on "Yes We Can"
("Yes We Can Drive Massachusetts into the Ground")

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