Friday, October 24, 2014

Canada and Gun Control – Lessons Taken Away

Canada has some of the strictest gun control laws on the continent, and yet they are left wondering where the prior felon turned radical Islamic Jihadist got his hands on a gun – the general consensus – illegally (CBA.CA)

Understanding that any time there is a shooting in Springfield, MA (it appears every day) one might also hazard to guess than gangs, and criminals committing these crimes are not purchasing firearms legally. To this mind, although not a huge proponent of those armed to the teeth, having a firearm, especially in a large urban area, may be the way to go. This is especially true when, today, both Canada and the US are apparently engaging in urban warfare against those that would convert without mercy. The whole point is conversion and or annihilation of the unbeliever, regardless of age, gender or military service.

That said, the Canadians appear to have a much milder temperament than those crazy people south of their border (US), and are more sensitive to natures of the murderous type. Therefore, not immune due to daily gang shootings, or random acts of violence seen on the streets in the U.S. daily, this is quiet a conundrum.

These are the times when you might find pro or anti gun activist out battling for a piece of the sympathy pie, however, in each instance on has to understand that an individual who takes a life is not mentally stable – and that extends to those involved in the cult of Islam. They have, to this mind, taken the orders of their one time general turned profit and holy man, Mohammed literally. It is, therefore, a mental illness when an individual believes they will receive 72 virgins in exchange for murder or suicide. That hinges on the biblical warnings of an anti-Christ – one who has been long dead, but his precepts continue to invade other countries, convert by means of force or, worse, in times of emotional stress under the guise of religion.

Therefore, one either arms themselves, or understands that this type of happenstance, be it a mall, an official building or other outing, is bound to happen in both nations. Get a gun, a dog, a can of beans (16 oz), or anything that one thinks they can disable a crazy flipping person with – frankly, the can of heavy metal would suffice, and most likely send them to their intended brides early.

Gun Laws don’t work, because criminals find ways to exploit gun laws, or buy a hatchet or machete and murder infidels anyhow.

Oh yes, and most definitely not politically correct.

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