Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 – Senate Preparing for Party Switch – 2016 – Begins with Rand Paul

Barring any massive upheavals in the universe as it is today, the outcome of the 2014 mid-terms will, in all probability, produce a GOP majority. With that in mind the Senate is said to be preparing on both sides of the old aisle for the “switch” according to the Wall Street Journal, and Harry Reid intends to continue to drag down the Democrat Party – go figure. (WSJ)

Not wasting any time, nor letting grass grow under his feet, the Most Interesting Man in Politics, Rand Paul (Time Magazine) , has scheduled his first 2016 team meeting, this according to the National Jouranl(picked up as well by the Hill Blog.

It is that season, that political season, where the meek crumble and those that are either crazy and or decidedly dedicated or a bit of both, would take on the prospect of a grueling primary, and if one should win, take an even greater task, the general election – all for the booby prize of landing in the nations White House. In this wise, and in this time, the stakes are so high in the “can it be fixed at all area”, that one has to have a bit of crazy to even consider running. Either way, no matter which side, or who the candidate is, it behooves all citizens to thank them for even suggesting they might be interested in the job of dragging us out of this very deep ditch. Of course, this bloggers preference at this moment in time is the Kentucky doctor, Rand Paul. He meets the ridiculous criteria: younger, hipper, and more in tune with the entire population, he makes the covers of the magazines and most beautiful people’s list. Additionally, he is smarter than all that, has run his own business, is a doctor, has a deep understanding of the constitution the way it was written, and prefers individual to states rights. In other word, a Renaissance man that has his pulse on the country, which is a great prescription for this time and space.

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