Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Scott Brown Vs. Jeanne Shaheen New Hampshire Senate Debate – No wonder Brown is gaining – Polling gives Republican’s the edge

Scott Brown & Jeanne Shaheen - image NBC News

In the interest of disclosure this blogger (unenrolled – independent) has always been a huge fan of one Scott Brown. That status was based on his voting record in the MA Senate and then in the U.S. Senate which was, in every way shape or form, bi-partisan and based, not on what would further Scott Brown, rather what would help the nation. Voting records, bills supported and written are all available in the Congressional Record online. To find out how your Senator, Congressman has voted, or worked for you visit

The simple process of looking for records of Brown’s would go a long way toward debunking any nonsense about “Koch Brother’s” or Billionaires, that Shaheen, not unlike her predecessor, Warren, decided was the best way to get Brown down. The debate last night in New Hampshire supports that tactic being used by Shaheen and is also telling in the way she approaches the entire debate process. View the entire debate (worth the hour) at

What one finds is a someone nervous Shaheen, in the way she approaches the questions and the way she appears in general – not over confident standing on the same stage with Brown. With good reason as Brown simply stated voting records and with Shaheen (visit the record of voting with the President 99.9% of the time is true. Of course when called out on that voting record, she immediately resorted to yelling “Koch Brothers”. To the best of anyone’s knowledge they do not operate the government website.

Brown was straightforward and earnest in his answers, or the usual Scott Brown. In looking at overall answer quality, and stage presence (i.e. comfort level and belief in what one was actually saying), Brown took the debate hands down. With two weeks left to go one might suggest that New Hampshire will be sending Brown – not Shaheen to D.C. in January.

In addition, running the “War on Women” B.S. (which is annoying to a feminist when it is deployed due to its consideration of women as idiots.) those who do decide to trot out that fallacious argument should be reading the polls. Apparently, women aren’t buying what the Democrats are selling according to the latest AP/GFK Poll(Yahoo News) – preferring to vote for the Republican candidate even if it means “holding one’s nose”. That one little statement means that, although distasteful to many, as they would be loyal Democrats, they are no longer buying the gambit, and will be placing a vote based on what they feel will bring the nation around. 2010 was a wave, 2014 will be Armageddon.

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