Monday, October 20, 2014

On The Run – Kay Hagen (D-NC) calls for West Africa Flight Bans – Progressive Dem., E. Warren touts line Republicans have “Rigged” Election?

On The Run – Kay Hagen (D-NC) calls for West Africa Flight Bans – Progressive Dem., E. Warren touts line Republicans have “Rigged” Election?

One can smell blood in the water, and those are the small businesses how are suddenly ramping up as they see a safe haven on the horizon. The Democrats will lose the Senate and gain additional seats in the House in 2014, this is a given by most pollsters. What are endangered Democrats to do? –Act like Republicans – Take Kay Hagen, Democrat incumbent in N.C.’s senate race. Hagen was bitterly against banning flights from affected West African Nations during the Ebola crisis, whiles her opponent Tillis, was not. Polling suggested that the general public might just side with Tillis, and lo and behold: Time’s headline blares:Democratic Senate Candidates Back Ebola Travel Ban” . That would be Kay Hagen in a major policy switch otherwise known as flip-flopping to salvage one’s “career” as a public servant.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, in an allegedly “safe” Senate Race – Funnyman turned Senator , Al Franken, Progressive Democrat, has the party’s super-star, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) out stumping for him. The Washington Post reports that Warren, in front of a huge crowd of 400 Franklin supporters, she quipped: "The game is rigged, and the Republicans rigged it," to the screaming 400 .

When you have party headliners going to states to stump for candidates (Warren’s headed to Colorado next, to try and bail out Udall - heck, Bill Clintons’ coming to MA to stump for Martha Coakley!) there are major losses on the horizon. Those last ditch party stars are brought in with the intent of helping to at least get out the base. Those door knockers and senior center, nursing home ghouls, who “help “people to vote, especially if an election appears to be on the downward side.

This time, it may not help. Try as they might to get away from the fact that they have been aiding an abiding an incompetent and therefore, dangerous to the health and welfare of the citizens, by oh, refusing to say whether or not they voted for Obama, they can’t. If they stood up for what they truly believed in - they’d stand a better chance. Kay should stick to the party line that she believes in – Warren is an opportunities who will say anything to get anywhere, thus she’s in full character, and acting as usual. More respect to Warren. Suffice it to say, there will be a few new faces in DC come January.

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