Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rand Paul - Salon Headline: “Rand Paul’s worthy goal: Why we shouldn’t laugh off his attempt to woo African-American voters” – and why it matters

Here is the gist as it goes, driving home from work and tuning into the local news channel, there was the Howie Carr Show, and I was floored for two reasons: One this is a conservative talk show, and two, the callers were African American and they were talking about their new party affiliation.

There is something that those who are vested in this nation consider a priority, that all labels be removed and that those who are recognized as being part of groups deemed underprivileged for whatever reason, are considered simply, citizens. All equal under the eyes of the law, and of more import of each other. Granted there will always be some idiots in the mix, who are blinded by whatever club or background or jealously or hate they are burdened with but – there is hope.

Therefore this treatment of Rand Paul’s outreach and goals in reaching African Americans by Salon, lent to that hope: the headline above begs the reader to delve in a bit more deeply, and in doing so, one finds a an article written in a way to drive home the point – it is not so much that the GOP has never done any outreach to the community, rather it is the point that one man is doing so – and where there is one, there is hope. All voters deserve choices, and now one is offering those choices to a segment of the population that has previously “belonged” to one political party.

Good for Rand Paul for setting that goal, and perhaps while he’s in New Hampshire, he should stop in Massachusetts for a second or two to find that his ideas might be readily accepted. So much so that he might gain much support. Understanding how ridiculous it sounds to bring a not-yet announced candidate to the Bay State – the Bluest State, the ever ignored by candidates unless they are Democrats in huge trouble (see this year’s election) state, it may help more than hurt for some to stop in the Bay State before running up to New Hampshire.

Besides my side rant and a selfish one at that given knowledge of the campaign cycles, and how critical first states and impressions are, the point is clear – making all citizens, regardless of culture, and offering choices to all voters is fulfilling the spirit of the Constitution.

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