Monday, October 27, 2014

The National GOP on Collision Course for 2016 – The Return of the “Safe” Candidate

Here we go again, the National GOP is pushing such notables as Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey (Moderate-Left), and former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, of the Bush dynasty, as candidates for the 2016 GOP Presidential Contest. Apparently, Mitt Romney finally got it across that he was not interested in running a third time (given the state of the nation, he’s a smart man.)

So what about those that have a fairly well established ground game? Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, perhaps the most viable candidate the GOP has had since Ronald Reagan (they despised him as well), is making inroads across the nation in demographics previously “belonging” to Democrats, doing everything right.

Therefore the flunkies (i.e. moderate party cow-tow’s) are starting to surface. Moderate Illinois Adam Kinzinger has suggested that Paul would be dangerous to the GOP “given his cuts to the military budget”. He much prefers the likes of Bush, Christie and Ryan. That said, since the budget comes from the House and not the Senate, it is a stretch of the imagination that the Senator would have much impact on the budget – unless he actually won the nomination and then the general election. It’s fear mongering to the base. (Daily Caller)

Of course, the weekend would not be complete without the emergence of yet another Bush presidential run accordoing to the Miami Herald, George P Bush, son of one Jeb Bush suggests his father is ready to run in 2016.(Miami Herald) in the nick of time to save the GOP from the likes of say, a Rand Paul, and lose the General election in spades – once again.

It would be one thing to the casual observer or a devout Republican, if the party let chips fall where they might – oh, let anyone who has the courage to run in the primary do so unhindered by the specter of the national GOP suggesting they should be immediately replaced by their preferred candidate, and then should that individual not make the primary cut, so be it. That would be a fair contest.

In the age of a nuclear Democrat Party, as well as a National GOP is it no wonder individuals are opting out of the parties, and choosing “no affiliation”? Continuing to represent the Progressive ideals of elitism and proving the same by continuing to push forward candidate’s who are in that imagined upper class (Clinton, Bush, Romney), will lead more quickly to the emergence of a third party – the non-party.

Perhaps having no candidate but making choices based on whoever the main parties are pushing. It is what it is, but it does not mean the citizens have to appreciate a party that puts itself above the founder’s intent. Put either one of the GOP picks up against a Democrat Pick, and the White House is lost to the GOP once again.

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