Friday, October 31, 2014

2016 – Rand Paul Ready

Rand Paul has been everywhere as of late, lending a hand in GOP races at all levels across the US. What is most interesting is his continual investment in urban areas such as Detroit where Republican’s don’t’ look like the “white-bread-branded-old-men-only”, and where Paul speaks to parity in sentencing, urban growth and listens to concerns and then fires up a crowd(WEMU) – Outreach which drew criticism from the Standard Brand DC Republicans (otherwise known as the RNC), when he suggested that they were not unlike the first Domino’s Pizza crusts – they suck – the RNC took umbrage at that remark, they most resemble as of late.

Paul’s approach is winning hearts and minds, and is time well spent, despite the party heads who are busying praying for a Chris Christie or Jeb Bush – or, any Democrat to run against the firebrand Paul.

Not unlike Reagan who came in with new ideas that were like chalk on a blackboard to the same type of RNC elitist, Paul get’s under their skin by calling them out. The truth hurts, and as he is, according President Obama’s former campaign turnout director, the best position to win 2016 battleground states. Go figure, he has an origination in all 50 states, and yet, DC remains doubtful.

There are very few other potential candidates of note going into the general at this point. Cruz, who has won praise from, of all people, Barney Frank, for suggesting that the States decide Gay Marriage but Barney may not be aware that Cruz is a constitutional lawyer with all that implies, someone who is able to place the job of the states, with the states! (Brietbart), regardless of the issue.

Also, Governor Rick Perry is poised to take the national stage, more so than in the 2012 cycle.

As always too early to tell who else might enter the race for the nomination, but consider who may run on the side of the Democrats, and who the DNC will or won’t field. There is absolutely no contest going into 2016 –unless the National GOP gets in the way of it’s nominating contest.

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