Friday, November 22, 2013

With the Affordable Health Care Act (DBA/Obama Care) Imploding, Harry Reid, D-UT, most Powerful Man in the Country – destroys 225 years of Senate precedence to give Democrats Supreme Power – Reaping what one sows.

Image and article from: The Democracy Chronicles

The Affordable Health Care Act (named so in an attempt to hide the fact that it is Obama Care and or Romney Care on Steroids), apparently is going so poorly that even Time has spoken out on the entire fiasco – let alone the disastrous roll-out, the President’s lying eyes and tongue hast caused his perfect “likability” and “trust” polls to plummet. Read Time Article (see cover) here at to get the full taste of the problems that are facing a very lame duck President.

To combat his inability to get things done and inability to con the American Public, he called on the most powerful man he knows, Harry Reid, Democrat Senator from Nevada, otherwise, the Majority Leader of the Senate. Regardless of the reasoning, whether to further another agenda of the President’s, or take the headlines and the heat off the Affordable Health Care/Obama Care Act, the move to block filibusters under a “Nuclear Option” puts the Democrats firmly in the driver’s seat. The action stops any dissent from the minority party and basically breaking rules that are two hundred years old can oftentimes have consequences.

What makes one shake their heads in wonder are multiple – however, should the Democrats not be reading the tea leaves for 2014, and believe that they will continue to hold both the House and the Senate in 2014 – then that may explain Harry Reid’s actions – either than or it was a Kamikaze move in desperation of support for a Presidency in failure.

To understand completely what has taken place, the party in control of the Senate now has the option to shut out the opposition party and just pass whatever pleases them. The problem lays in the fact that should things change in 2014, and the Republican’s regain control of the Senate, then that move just set the Democrat party back – centuries. Harry Reid and his army of partisan pygmies might as well return to the pro-slavery south from which they came, and just retire - those old shortsighted fools. One might also guess that although the Republican’ are equally as popular as the Democrats (which is not giving them a whole lot of traction) they can at the least say they had little or nothing to do with Obama care – which at this point, with no fix in sight, and trust and liability an issue, then one might suspect 2014 will not go the Democrats way – especially if they are campaigning with the President to gain reelection outside of MA, HI, IL and DC.

Obama now has George Bush Syndrome, yet Bush took the sidelines, while Obama’s ego won’t allow it – that’s going to cost the party the Seats in the House – it’s already costing them the credibility with their constituents who are not progressive far left.

If there should be a group of like-minded Cruzian or Pualian new legislators in the Senate and the House, one can anticipate a whole different nation by2016- one which would give the nation a taste of Liberty on steroids.

That would ensure a third party and a balance capitol at last. Suffice it to say, if one is as student, it is time (or past time) from the formation of a new party to reduce an older party to dust. At first, one might think it would be the Republicans, yet, one believes more and more, that it may be the Republican’s survive (as the newest party – The Democrats being the oldest coming from the Slave states of the Civil war and pre-dating the Republican Party – who gave the U.S. Lincoln. Therefore, faced with moderate conservatives and hard-line constitutionalists, and a marginalized group of Democrats In a tight corner, the die would be cast for a return to prosperity, and accountability.

This is indeed a great time to watch events unfold, and one would probably pick up a good deal of spare change at the moment by playing chess with any Democrat, with an eye towards winning repetitive checkmates.

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