Thursday, November 21, 2013

To Hades in a Hand basket - No Vetting – Al Queda in US by Invitation – U.S. Citizens subject to Random Government DNA Sampling

It goes without saying that the competence level of government agencies can be called into question, along with the blatant non-enforcement of laws in place at the Federal level, specifically those that refer to the borders and controlling those borders, as well as individual vetting upon entrance into the U.S.A.

From ABC News comes the blazing article with FBI video – click herefor full article:

The 2010 video, obtained exclusively by ABC News, was part of a broader ABC News investigation into the flawed refugee vetting program, which officials said may have let “dozens” of terrorists into the country.

No need to say more on that subject.

Additionally, the Constitution has not been trampled upon as much since Abraham Lincoln literally stopped negative presses by jailing newspaper editors - - from a local NBC Dallas affiliate, Texas drivers were stopped by a Federal program, pulled over and given options as to which type of test they were going to take, either alcohol level, dna swabs…..

One might note that it is fine to let terrorists into the country, it is also fine to force (by intimidation) citizens who are minding their own business to submit to DNA testing under the current administration. Is there no end to the massive intrusion into privacy and is there no end to the lack of attention to critical details that may end up in the slaughter of innocent citizens?

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