Monday, November 18, 2013

Elizabeth Warren, Junior Progressive Democrat from Massachusetts - -2016 – Picking up Steam with the Media

Warren, Clinton and like-minded John McCain -there's also a split ticket option, Clinton-Warren 2016 image Yahoo News

It may happen again, a little know Senator from a prominent Democrat state, might just well come into the Democrat convention and pull the rug out from under one Hillary Clinton – in much the same manner that one Barack Obama did in 2008. That Senator, Elizabeth Warren, is now seeing a daily increase in press attention – similar to that seen for the current occupant of the White House. In addition, she makes Hillary Clinton appear to be a moderate, at best.

Two articles of note this morning: How Elizabeth Warren is Winning the Internet and Why it Matters (The Washington Post), and Wall Street’s Nightmare – President Elizabeth Warren (Politico)

Both articles insinuate that the Senator is in position to run for the office through the primary, and she may well be preparing. However, although it is far too early to speculate on who may or may not run, on this particular choice, she reminds a great deal of Barack Obama, therefore, and one must give her a closer look.

She mightily appeals to the Progressive base of the Democrat party –which includes the media, unions, and some rank and file Democrats, in recent days she’s been the attack dog on Republicans’ – spelling out the two party system as the only one available.

Experience: Harvard Professor, newly elected Senator to the State of Massachusetts – that’s it. (One could go into her real estate dealing in Oklahoma, or her college applications, or what have you, but suffice it to say, any aspersions cast on Warren, will be maligned, and those types of "stories" ignored by the media, as it refuses to vet those with similar ideologies.

One suspects that it will not be long before the media starts with the cut of pantsuits and hairstyles if the two hypothetically anointed candidates – Clinton and Warren – Clinton as it’s her due (following the logic of two major political parties who give the runner up the option of being fist in line to the next general election (See McCain, Romney and others to numerous to mention (brevity).

Leader of the free world? – Let that sink in a moment – Clinton, for all of her “baggage”, would be ready, however, the neophyte from Massachusetts – not so much – we’ve been down that road for the past 8 years and the results were less than perfect.

As it is early, way too early to make judgment calls on the Republican side, and hoping some will have the wherewithal to run as Independents, a third party, in this climate, would be the way to upend the major players - given the anti-incumbent sentiment seen 2009 local elections –As the Congresses (and that lumps in those Senators – continues to decline or even remain at the status qua – one finds this political season perfect for that type of introduction into the political landscape.

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