Friday, November 15, 2013

USA Today – Obama Presidency at Stake – Dems Running for Exits – The Problem with Academics – The Lab Rat Theory – The Fix Lays in 2014 and 2016.

USA Today is wondering if Obama’s Presidency is at stake over the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care), and the fact that indeed it is a mess. Apparently, there have been a few problems. One must ask – did anyone expect anything else? The problem with blaming the Republican’s at this point is timing. The House was controlled by Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi when the rammed the Act through at midnight in December 2010, prior to handing over the gavel to incoming Republican’s who took majority too late. The House did try to stop the Bill from going forward, but was ignored by the Democrat controlled Senate, specifically by Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader. The last gasp that gave anyone a snowball’s chance in Hade’s was the option to defund through a Senate vote on a Republican House budget, but Harry Reid, (Democrat) stopped it cold with some help from certain friends – specifically John McCain and Graham – notable Republican’s in Name Only. Ted Cruz was blasted for being everything short of a terrorist (wait, he was called that by some Democrat), for trying to stop this mess from going forward.

Cruz, a Republican Senator from Texas, was doing it for the people (although most don’t recognize that fact, especially the media). The other Republicans’, like McCain and Graham, were trying to let it go through to its natural state, hoping it would be a disaster and make the Democrats look really bad, but a few million people would have to suffer. Republican leaders were correct – it’s a mess, people are suffering, and well, Cruz’s method may have been less painless. If one were a rank and file citizen, one might think Cruz’s method, called political suicide, would be an honorable way to fall on ones sword by saving millions grief.

Now, Obama, in his largesse and backed into a flipping corner, is going to “let people keep their cancelled health plans for another year”, according to state media (CBS). Apparently, the administration, run by Academics (Professors) from the top down, believes that they are a) ruling the county and to heck with the Constitutional Process, and b), can continue to screw up – in plan terms, until they “get it right”.

The problem lays in the fact that theories, are one thing, and practical experience is another. The last theorizing President that the U.S. had been Jimmy Carter and things (economically, etc.) went downhill quickly. Progressive Professors, (see Elizabeth Warren and run like hell), are to be honored for their ability to communicate their versions of history, politics, science, the arts and humanities all day long to the young and those who want to obtain a degree. However, theories are fine when tested in a lab, the problem is that the President (Professor from Harvard) and his buddies (I.e. the administration) has taken a theory and used the U.S. citizens as the subjects in their Lab.

Simply put, folks, we have three more years of this. It’s not that they aren’t well meaning, but…the ego that surrounds an “elite” member of society (progressive speak), is that since they are so flipping smart, they must be right, no matter how ridiculously bad things turn out – and their ego does not allow them to permanently fix a theory they feel should work.

God help us all.

Those Democrats who went into this with eyes wide open and supporting a party over the people the represent – should be summarily given the boot in 2014 and in 2016 – along with them, any Republican who thought it was a good idea to quietly let this monster of a bill go through, and implode taking millions of citizens with it – shame on them all.

There is good reason the general citizens is looking at the entire DC crowd with suspicion – but, they have no one but themselves to blame. Some keys: If someone has experience, that experiences should not come from a campus that experience should come from real life, i.e. preferably, doctors, businessmen, even, yes, attorneys, preferably plumbers, electricians, farmers, nurses, and those who are in the trenches, with the “rest of us” – currently known as “the masses”.

The best way to get one’s message across to the Media that is in cahoots’ so to speak, with the Academic fools, (an old saying, “over-educated fool”, is now starting to make perfect sense). Should be turned off, shut down, and basically ignored – for at least six months. That may be difficult as there is a good deal of entertainment to be had watching beads of sweat gather on the brows of those who are lying for the State.

The Public has but one recourse, and that is to vote and wisely – which remains to be seen if that will occur. If those incumbents, and those with long-term political affiliations or those who can hold up their college professor credentials are on the ballot – vote for the other option.

Otherwise, in eight years from 2016, this will be happening all over again. Anyone who would put forth a bill for term limits in the Senate and in the House, should be paid special attention, and get a vote, regardless of whether or not one likes the “Political Brand” of that individual –check first to see if they are currently an Academic, otherwise go ahead and pull that lever!

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