Wednesday, November 13, 2013

As One Million in California See Blue Cross Blue Shield Cancel Health Insurance, Chris Christie polls fine in the Northeast – but nowhere else – The curse of the moderate

Obama care has struck again – this time in California Blue Cross has issues cancellation notices to one million people, due to – yes, you got it, Obama care (CBS Local). Darn that Ted Cruz and his 21 hour speech imploring the senate to do anything to stop the rollout and just take a second look at the program! So many watched the junior Senator from TX recite Dr. Seuss as part of the nation’s news in pieces designed to make him look like an idiot, that they failed to understand that he was trying to call attention to an impending disaster. (Also he was reading bedtime story to his children who were not in DC.) We know how that turned out, Ted tried to warn everyone, was blasted by John McCain and McCain and his buddy Harry Reid, just pushed that Obama care through - we know who to blame at least - it's not Ted.

Therefore we are at a crossroads in this nation between those who go along to get along (McCain should have his name next to that one (along with Graham and so many of that ilk), and those who care less about their “political futures” and more about the process – and there are one or two or even four of those – sadly.

Enter Chris Christie, or Mitt Romney light – Chris Christie has no signature health care plan in New Jersey upon which to run, he is not yet “severely conservative”, but he is treading that thin line where those who are both Democrats and Republican’s cannot figure out which party he should belong to – and that’s fine in New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the other 7 states where Obama enjoys above average approval ratings.

Once one leaves those states and is campaigning as a Republican (Hypothetically) as Christie has yet to announce a candidacy as it is far too early), one finds people are not – in the least “moderate” – it’s not the DC Beltway, It’s not New Jersey, it’s not Massachusetts. Christie doesn’t have a savvy political director who will stick an ideological look alike in some like minded state, run one for Governor, and then use the same campaign to roll out nationwide. It takes a whole lot of cash and an army of Community Organizers to be successful in that endeavor. Therefore, once Christie leaves the safe zone, he enters the part of the nation where a recent NBC poll suggests that 2/3 of those outside of the safe zone, prefer anybody else to Christie (The Week). Therefore one might understand that Christie might get a few Democrats to switch sides (always the GOP idea), but, will lose the 20 million or so grassroots voters how will, once again, sit out an election rather than vote for a candidate they do not remotely like.

It’s a challenge for the GOP/RNC to see past the hope that they can front a moderate candidate that will appeal to the base of the Party –or Independents for that matter –and that costs them elections – since this has happened on more than once occasion, one must draw a conclusion that those running the national party either don’t get out much, or are clueless.

To be kind – it may be Beltway syndrome, where, once inside the D.C. beltway, one cannot see the forest through the trees, and just fails to understand what is taking place mere miles away, thus, insuring that eventually, elections will be lost.

They don’t’ like people who shake up the old apple cart – that Seussing Ted Cruz, or anyone who might actually suggest something is amiss in Candy Land.

Good luck to them as the coming landslide of support for someone other than a “chosen candidate” may leave them with little choice but to “go along to get along” – only this time, unlike 2008, that candidate will not put up with any shenanigans by the insiders of the “party”. Chances are that this next round of candidates might be more independent minded.

We can only hope so.

Meanwhile, those in the RNC scouting team might want to meet potential candidates in say Iowa, and see if the surrounding audience is holding their noses at any time – and then not waste a dime doing more. – It is highly doubtful that will happen.

They will, undoubtedly lose again, and then the boobie prize for the American Public will be President “Hiawatha” Warren, or Lizzy Warren, a common name for the women who rose to Scott Brown’s seat, zip for experience, and ready to roll into the white house, the nickname is twofold – she claimed she was American Indian in order to land a job at Harvard, and two, for kicks Lizzie Borden beat a murder rap, it’s possible that in Massachusetts Style, as has happened before, Ms. Warren could dupe a nation – we’ve been there before.

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