Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2016 – Elizabeth Warren vs. Ted Cruz – What are the Odds?

Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) and Ted Cruz (TX-R) - image from Fox News

One would think given the media’s attention to a Hillary Clinton Presidency might recall that there was a little known Harvard professor who was already “christened” so to speak to run for higher office, once she won the Senate Seat in “safe “Massachusetts, that would be - the very junior Senator Elizabeth Warren, where the Fix at the Washington Post queries “Why Elizabeth Warren Should Care Hillary Clinton.”.. That rising star of the left, grounded in the protests of the 1% (taking credit for and most probably a force behind) will rise from the ashes of Barack Obama’s presidency like a Phoenix. It is the Progressive-Democrat machine that see’s the possible in the currently improbable – a zero experience Senator with little to no legislative background, or managerial background, running and winning the Democrat nomination for President in 2016. It happened in 2008, so why not go with that again?

Over on what is characterized as the “far-right” – or is anyone who can possibly muddy the water for those entrenched politicians in DC regardless of party – is both Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul, Cruz a relative newcomer with a little more time in the Senate and the gravitas that Warren Lacks, and Paul, more Libertarian, and liked (at this point) by the media, has slightly more experience in the Senate, and also, as a doctor, he’s run a business. Of these two, the media maligns one completely (the rabble rousing Cruz, the other, Paul, is currently being given a pass, while there is that slight hint of “fringe “applied. The media focus on the Republican Side is, of course, the Govenor of New Jersey, who, in the eyes of the Republican Base is about as Conservative as Hillary Clinton, but perfect for the RNC – He would be John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olivia Snow all rolled into one package – perfect to run, and loose a national election.

The most likely scenario at this point is that Clinton will be replaced by Warren, and the Christie will be force fed to the base – (see McCain, Romney), and as has happened in the past two elections – the base will stay home. God help us all.

Alternately- if the Republican base is serious – and the Libertarian’s are enamored of a candidate that can strike a tone with the populace – then things may shake out differently – Either Cruz or Paul could conceivably win the primaries, and then politics as usual in this nation would come to a screeching halt.

The media is laying the groundwork against one in particular – the “far left” media such as the Huffington Post, Salon, et al. al – takes every swipe possible at Cruz, and the middle media (or mainstream) just jumps on board – to date they have a Cuban-American – born in Canada (which is turning a lot of media bloggers and progressives into despised “birthers”), since the mantra of “not eligible” for Presidency due to being born in Canada is debunked, they also found that while in college he was competitive, aggressive, brilliant and he got extremely drunk – once. (Huffington Post). Cruz made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Leno played the part of NBC Journalist rather than entertainment manager – asking Ted Cruz, asking Cruz accusatory questions regarding his “polices” – in answers Cruz managed to get the audience approval – rather than that of the beleaguered late night host – he held his own. To watch a full clip of the Cruz appearance on the Tonight Show – visit – the You Tube – Tonight Show Channel - A necessary step today to see what actually happened in any setting where video is avail be and reported upon, is to watch the entire footage – that’s where the media editorializes content on what one missed, giving a slightly different take on what actually occurred.

The most improbable at this point – A Ted Cruz Elizabeth Warren match-up – which would truly be a match of left versus right, rather than a matchup of luke-warm left, versus luke-warm right, or a campaign boiled down to 3 slogan’s on either side. Should the base decide to throw the RNC and subsequent Committee’s under the proverbial bus in favor of either of the aforementioned candidates, and those Republican’s in states not Massachusetts, New Jersey, Hawaii, or one of the 10 where Obama’s approval is far above the national average, will be vote for an Altenrative to Chriistie in a heart-beat – It would be the first election in 16 years where the right would seriously influence a win, rather than sitting home, and where, in an absurd return to the repetition of history, a new McGovern would be born.

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