Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nancy Pelosi – Is Up for Reelection in 2014 – #1 Reason Obamacare In Place Today

Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. Representative from California 12th District - who got a "gig on 30-Rock" (TV Show) - Image from and article here at Reuters.com

Nancy Pelosi is up for reelection in 2014, in fact she, along with every single Congressional Representative in the U.S. is up for reelection every two years. Congressional Representatives are elected during Mid-Term elections and again during the General Election (when the U.S. votes for a new President).

Nancy Pelosi, in 2009, was the Speaker of the House of Representatives (one Chamber of Congress), as such she was the one individual who pushed Obamacare through stating the infamous words: We have to pass the bill, so you can find out what’s in it” (YouTube) – She is still a cheerleader for the Democrat team, rather than the United States citizens - On NBC news, Ms. Pelosi suggested that all Democrats would stand tall in 2014 in support of Obamacare”. This might not set well with other Democrats, who are facing reelection in both the House of Representatives or the Senate (Both Houses of Congress), as the problems with the Bill, including the rollout fiasco, the high insurance premiums, the loss of policies for millions of people, the part-time status of most workers whose employers don’t want to pay the price for Obamacare, et al., who will have to face constituents who are not enamored of the plan as it was put together by, voted on, and passed and supported by the – Democrats, specifically Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi is the U.S. Representative of the 12th District, which includes the City of San Francisco - that’s it; one City delivered upon the nation the most badly crafted legislation in history.

If Ms. Pelosi had said there was a mistake made and we need to fix it, or offered to work with Republican’s who had some reasonable ideas, instead of sticking to the Democrat Party Line rather than throwing the American Public a life-line, then she would be suitable for reelection. As it now stands it behooves those who vote in San Francisco to take a hard look at any other candidate and choose an alternative U.S. Representative.

A few suggestions as to fixes for “Obamacare” or The Affordable Health Care Act: remove the mandate on individuals and corporations – offer Medicare, with no to limited premiums to those who cannot afford private health insurance-Medicare is already in place. Open state borders, all of them to competition. When a state has only 3 insurance carriers, there is no incentive for those insurers to lower premiums. However, when there is ample competition, the insurers do lower premiums and fast. One shining example is Massachusetts auto insurance changes. Several years ago, Massachusetts only allowed certain carriers to offer auto insurance in the state – Massachusetts had some of the highest auto insurance rates in the nation, until the State opened up the borders allowing competition – there were no changes in the quality of the plans, there was an instant reduction in pricing on premiums however. This made buying car insurance affordable.

The same would be true for health insurance. Only an idiot would think otherwise. This brings up the point that any Representative or Senator who supported Obamacare in any way, shape or form, or did not vote to stop Obamacare when they had the chance so it could be revised –should be shown the proverbial door. This is regardless of whether or not that individual is a Democrat or Republican. It is time to put the Party aside and put the people first. If a representative, such as the CA 12th District’s, Nancy Pelosi, is not smart enough to do the job, or is making additional cash from lobbyists who will make money off the suffering of the Citizens, then, that individual should be replaced – get out and vote.

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DB said...

I SO hope she is defeated in 2014! Every time she opens her mouth she puts her foot in it. Why on earth would any location vote for her? Not only did she say "we need to pass it (ACA) so that we can find out what is in it (What!?) but last night on the John Stewart show she said she had no idea why the web site does not work well and that it is not "her job". What IS her job? Crazy.

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