Wednesday, November 20, 2013

President Obama Approval Plummets – Blame on Obama Care – Affordable Care website and rollout – There’s more to the downward spiral – Democrats and Administration Incompetence, Confusion and Ownership

Addendum: This morning CBS News Poll finds the President at a 37% approval, again an administration friendly media - this does not bode well for 2014 and those who supported the President and his plans.

ABC News with the Washington Post conducted a poll which revealedthe President has taken a hit in job approval, as well as other categories, including trust. The administration friendly media has the approval at 41% - one can well imagine that it might be a tad lower. (ABC News).

Considering that the Affordable Health Care Act was rejected from the beginning by half of the population while the Republican’s wanted no part of the mandated government program – offering options that would make it more efficient, such as insurers allowed to sell cross state boarder, which would drop premiums significantly, expanding Medicaid, and tort reform, to name a few. Each option was rejected by the Democrats who wanted – control and credit for what they perceived as the perfect plan – ego got in the way of true reform, and now they do own it. Although the President is attempting to blame Republican’s its going to be a hard sell, and as 2014 looms, those Democrats up for reelection will be faced with a steep uphill battle. Certain Republicans, who turned to support or “get along” for public appearance sake, will also suffer the consequences – such as McCain in Arizona.

It was not the roll out alone – it was the President’s denial of any issues, the loss of millions (with more to come) of individual policies, the fact that the President continues to mislead the public, especially those who are losing health care plans, is icing on the cake for any who would challenge a Democrat – be it a dogcatcher.

Will this leave the Republican’s unscathed and fairly safe –it may, as long as those Republican’s danced with those who felt the program a nightmare and refused to go along – They favored repeal and rewriting in order to salvage a bill gone bad – of course those offers were, again rejected. The last to protest was Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee, who, much maligned about protesting, and shutting down the government to stop Obama care – were 100% correct in what they were trying to do to avoid the pain and suffering of those millions of people.

Go figure.

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