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The Government Shut Down – Week Two – The Embarrassment, The Boondoggles, The Pending Protests, the Obama Care Disaster (Affordable Health) –The Protests

Truckers on their way to D.C to protest - image from US News - date of protest October 11 - plan to shut DC down

This is week two of the government shut-down which was caused by a power hungry speaker and administration, who, for all intents and purposes – refused to negotiate on some small points. Mainly, as stated in news stories, etc. the program known as Obama Care or the Affordable Health Care Act – simply was not ready for prime-time. Therefore, certain members of the House and Senate felt the best way to protect the American Public, was to defund the darn thing, and fix it Of course, they were called everything from Terrorists to Anarchist – by the Democrat Leadership and members of the Republican Party that should wear labels so one could tell which side they were really on.

Suffice it to say the big dust up was for a discretionary spending bill that in no way shuts down the government – it only stops discretionary spending or those programs not ready for prime time, and others considered non-essential, check go out, and all sallies forth as usual.

Except the White House and Harry Reid, got their panties in a bunch and the media, long in bed (literally in some cases) with the administration – rose up and shouted form the root top that the sky was, once again, falling.

The problem is, no one is watching the news, and so a great percentage of the American People, are not noticing – at all- there is nothing unusual about their day today lives, and as we have heavily vested in dummying down the population since 1972 (first teachers union progressively established in Philadelphia), they have (the Progressive administration and all those Democrats) wrought what they have sewn.

The ones who are watching, with a great deal of skepticism, humor and a slight bit of anger over stupidity on the part of the administration are the libertarian, tea party, those over 50 who can still read and write and are vested in knowing what happens daily – outside the lives of entertainers – they completely get “it”.

It would be a child-play game of the Wealthy Elites, having a snit because they have not gotten their “way” – The made a program (sadly lacking a working model) and now they want it to go through as if, it can be fixed as it goes along. One has to question the intelligence of any group of people who feel a government program can come out of the gate flawed and then somehow magically get fixed in less than say fifty years.

Here’s the rundown of idiocy:

NOAA – the governments weather forecasting arm – has been shut down – especially they website – and what they didn’t count on? Accuweather, the Weather Channel, etc. They agency, according to the Gloucester Times is concerned with furloughs One would hazard to guess the long-suffering fisher folk out of Gloucester might see an opportunity here to pick off an extra fish – or two and make a buck – having been strangled by the agency that gave Long Island and New Jersey a nor-Easter, little warning and a basic super storm that cause more havoc that Katrina.

The Government is also keen on shutting down parks – unfortunately – they aren’t sure which ones are funded by the Government and which one’s weren’t - so a man who owns a hotel in the blue-ridge mountains that has some historical significance, but is again, privately owned, was met by a swat team of federal agents who forced him to shut down.(Washington Post)

The brightest Administration since Carter, also attempted to shut down Mt. Vernon, again, privately funded. (

They kicked elderly homeowners (ok, second homes, but still) out of their domiciles, as it may have been historical (FrontPage Magazine)

They have closed every monument that would remember any war that was fought, from WWII to Vietnam, and barricaded the entire wall and area – That was the straw, apparently, that has one group of truckers (possibly teamsters – who also do not want Obama Care (Affordable Health Care Act) driving across the country to meet in DC, they area also picking up veterans along the way so that they can visit the memorials - One might hazard outguess, that these men, and women, some of them veterans, might not be swayed to back off by a few agents. (USNews)

Plainly put, what happens when the General Smarter than given credit by the Elitist in Washington, have had enough and decide to challenge the idiocy of the entire “show” that is DC.?

As poll numbers fall – it is without a doubt, as some Democrats have suggested, anarchy will ensue, not as the entire group of Chicken Little’s fear –it will be at the ballot box. It will cross party lines, and it has begun now.

On The Affordable Health Care Act – personal story – One of my dear friends, who has not had health insurance in Massachusetts since the inception of Romney Care – has, year after year, applied, and finding that her and her spouse, make too much money for subsidies yet cannot afford the health insurance offered, were given a pass on paying the fine, some years they did, some years they did not. With the Affordable Health Care Act – she was hoping that finally she’d be able to get some sort of inexpensive health care plan. Unfortunately she was directed back to Commonwealth Care – where she could not get past the second screen. Why? The slight glitch in the program automatically enrolled her as a felon – she tried to fix this mistake on the part of the Commonwealth and proceed to the next screen, where she was asked “How long have you been a felon”.

Now being a law abiding and somewhat disgusted citizen, she railed about the bunch of crap that the entire program has been from the beginning and if Massachusetts cannot manage it, how on earth can Washington – she is not a low information voter.

It is not wonder then that so many are exempt including members of Congress, the President, certain unions, large corporations that have made donations to those in DC, from having to participate in – the Affordable Health Care Act.

It is a comic tragedy that is playing out this week in D.C. as the media sounds even greater and more urgent alarms, and the President calls the Republicans’ nasty names, and vice versa (with a few voices of reason, but too few), while the nation as a whole – yawns.

Yes, Virginia – they are acting as if this is a Banana Republic.

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